Million Dollar Minute confirmed as TV3's lead-in to news

milliondollarminuteIt was suspected Million Dollar Minute would be TV3’s latest lead-in to 3 News. This is now confirmed as TV3 have started promoting the show which premieres Monday at 5.25pm. The show has delivered significant audience gains for Seven in Australia which shares the same timeslot. Can it be done here?

This exciting new quiz show sees three players compete in a battle of general knowledge gameplay.

There’s thousands of dollars ‘Safe Money’ up for grabs as they fight it out. But only the contestant with the highest score when the final siren sounds will play for the nightly jackpot in the Million Dollar Minute.

The Million Dollar Minute jackpot starts at $20,000 – the first step to winning ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Win the $20,000 jackpot and players can take the money and leave the show. Or they can risk it to play on for $50,000, then $75,000…all the way to the ultimate ONE MILLION DOLLAR win!

In an exciting new game development for 2014, players who make it to $75,000 on the Jackpot Ladder will automatically keep this money – even if they do not make it through to the next round. This literally encourages players to play on for even bigger money, and ultimately take home the one million dollar jackpot.

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  • Sam

    I really don’t know if it can, considering it is already up against an established Quiz show on TV One

    • K

      Yeah that’s how I feel too!!

      • andrew

        wont last, even might decrease their viewers at 6PM copying TV ONE

  • Tony

    It was suspected? Er, the TV Guide confirmed this a week ago- be more up to date Throng

  • andrew

    I don’t think that this show will help TV3 its a sinking ship with viewers.