Ratings: TV One Grows while TV3 blows

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TV One’s Seven Sharp had a miserable year in 2013 and while it was supposed to be the saviour for the diminishing ratings of its predecessor Close Up, the decline not only continued, it accelerated. Even worse, the show suffered massive losses from the lead in with some nights seeing well over half of One News’ average audience evaporate. The flow on effect into the rest of the evening then suffers.

While the numbers for Seven Sharp are up 12% overall on the same time last year, how have the changes impacted on loss of lead in?

For the purposes of this story I am comparing data from the first 19 weeks.

For the same period in 2013, TV One were shedding 42% of the total audience that was delivered to the network by One News. One News had an average audience for this period of 638,621 viewers per weeknight. Seven Sharp had an average audience of 367,240. In 2014, the audience for One News was down less than half a percent while, as we’ve already seen, Seven Sharp was up 12%. The lost of audience from the news hour to 7pm in 2014 was down 5 percentage points to 37%. All around, TVNZ have improved their numbers.

TV3, however, has a different story.

3 News has gone from 338,347 viewers per weeknight in 2013 to 277,888 in 2014 – a decrease of 18% compared to TVNZ’s reasonably static figures. Campbell Live has gone from 306,035 viewers per night in 2013 to 225,738 this year – a decrease of 26%.

The interesting story though is in the loss of audience. In 2013, Campbell Live only lost 9% of its lead in. Over the entire year, this was actually only 2% while the last half of the year saw Campbell Live building the audience delivered to it from 3 News by 5% on average each night. In 2014, Campbell Live is now losing 20% of the total 3 News audience.

The issue with TV3’s decline may be explained by the loss of Home and Away. However, the 60,459 fewer viewers for 3 News from the 200,000+ viewers that the network previously had prior to 6pm doesn’t explain the larger decline in ratings for Campbell Live.

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  • Trevor Ashman

    Or perhaps the rating system we have in NZ sucks 🙂

    • bb

      the old ‘blame the ratings collection method’ argument is getting a bit boring.

      • fdasfds

        Do you actually know how ratings work? They’re quite flawed. But what’s worse is that this blog’s argument is based on 5+, which no one in the industry uses as a measure of success.

        • James

          The methodology for radio ratings in NZ is horrible too – shouldn’t be taken with a grain of salt. Needs a complete overhaul.

          As for TV3, they seem to be okay with how things are going on the screen, and so they should be. They aren’t really getting the ratings they deserve (particularly at 6pm) but if they make any changes they probably risk going lower. As for Seven Sharp, well I don’t really enjoy watching a repeat of what I read on the Herald website or BuzzFeed that morning. Amongst Campbell Live’s doom and gloom you’ll find thought-provoking creative investigations.
          Sadly One will always dominate the market and 3 just need to ride through the troughs.