Something fishy is going on here

3rd-degree-logoI was under the impression that David Fisher was an award winning senior reporter for the New Zealand Herald. However, for the second time in recent weeks, his investigative journalism has produced an advertorial for TV3’s struggling current affairs program, Third Degree.

TV3’s 3rd Degree tonight screens footage showing the woman meeting her baby inside a Southland psychiatric hospital.

A camera records the mother cradling her tiny daughter just months after using a vegetable knife to cut her throat.

The father, David, told 3rd Degree his concerns for his wife started the night before the attack when she passed out at home.

What I find peculiar about this is that rather than TV3 breaking a news story and then having other media pick up on it, as happened with the David Bain smoking gun story last year, it appears as though TV3 are gifting the Herald a bit of a scoop in exchange for driving interest in the show.

While this might be an acceptable marketing practice, it suggests to me that 3rd Degree are more interested in the ratings than they are about breaking stories.

Furthermore, as there is no disclosure that it’s a paid advertorial written by Fisher we can only assume he is lazily peddling stories for another news outlet.

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  • Simon Green

    Half* the stories in the paper are advertorial these days, thinly disguised as ‘new research’ (usually paid for by the company pimping their products) or are copy and pasted straight from press releases. These seems no different (assuming Mediaworks put out a press release for 3rd degree)

    * (not statistically accurate)

  • fdasfds

    “3rd Degree are more interested in the ratings than they are about breaking stories” – what?