Did this streaker get more than he deserved?

This streaker at the All Blacks game over the weekend got absolutely pummelled by a security guard. Was it too much or justified?

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  • As per usual in this namby pamby country, we hug the crims and the idiots

  • roger

    I can’t believe this is even being discussed. He deserved everything he got. The security guard is a legend. If he didn’t streak, he wouldn’t have a sore neck would he. Should we pity a robber if he stubs his toe while robbing a house? Seriously, people need to grow a pair. Stupid actions have consequences. I assume he will also get a criminal conviction, or be banned from Eden Park to go with his sore neck.

  • Mat

    6.10pm on the TV1 news. Well done New Zealand, well done.

  • Danny TV Professional

    Casual and unwarranted violence applauded here and across the media. Well done NZ! Ahem – anyone seen the family violence stats lately?