How out of touch with the Internet is The Internet Party?


Yesterday afternoon, the Internet Party posted the following tweet:

Let’s be blunt. Not having Netflix in New Zealand has nothing to do with infrastructure.

This tweet was 2 days after the Sunday Star Times published a story about how an estimated 30,000 Netflix subscribers had been unable to access the streaming content service. The problem had actually been resolved 3 days earlier to that as we reported.

The Internet Party’s statement seems to overlook entirely the number of subscribers to Netflix. 30,000 is not an insignificant number for a service that isn’t technically available in New Zealand. With that number of subscribers being prepared to hand over cash every month it would be safe to assume that the current infrastructure is entirely capable enough to deliver the service its subscribers are paying for.

By comparison, if those numbers are correct, then Netflix receives more by kiwi subscribers than what Kim Dotcom has reportedly invested into his political plaything.

To make matters worse, their newly appointed dear leader is also clearly clueless and conflicted. She tweets

It would be a fairly safe assumption that the very thing she now claims to represent is also the same thing responsible for Postie Plus’ demise.

The Internet Party has been a complete joke from its inception. The only thing more preposterous would be to have a Women’s Party with Bob Jones as its leader.

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  • Or a youth party led by Jim Anderton…

    • roger

      or a quality party led by John Key

  • Timboh

    or a womens party led by John Tamihere

  • OhopeBeachBuoy

    Take the internet party for what it is: a joke. Just like Claire Curran and her misinformed ramblings on information and communications technology.

  • Timboh

    It’s very ironic that a party bankrolled by a massive copyright infringement is asking for copyright reform. I guess their idea of reform is get rid of copyright.

    • OhopeBeachBuoy

      That’s precisely what it is geared at, which is a (hoped for) virtual lolly-scramble for teenagers who think torrenting is their right.

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  • Posted

    Or a poltical party lead by someone with brains