Have TV3 found the solution to their 5:30pm problem

million-dollar-bMediaworks have picked up the new Australian gameshow Million Dollar Minute which we suspect could be what the network needs at 5:30pm as the lead in for their news.

The Seven Network today announced Seven Productions’ Million Dollar Minute’s move into New Zealand.

The new gameshow – created, developed and produced by Seven – has recorded significant audience gains, closing the gap on the incumbent game show on one network and successfully counter-programming against news on another.

Today’s signing represents a significant step in Seven’s plans to expand this format into international markets and follows the recent creation of two international production company ventures for Seven.

Million Dollar Minute will be broadcast on TV3 in New Zealand. TV3 will broadcast this year’s series hosted by Simon Reeve.

“All of us at Million Dollar Minute sense a real buzz about the show as it gains momentum and we continue to see people winning extraordinary amounts of money every week,” Reeve said. “The fact that MDM has now been picked up in New Zealand speaks highly of the format – it is compelling and really entertaining. Life changing wins happen before our eyes on Million Dollar Minute and being around that energy is an adrenalin ride for the contestant, the viewer and the people who work on the show.”

Million Dollar Minute is driving audience growth for Seven in Australia, up 4% year-on-year as its direct competitor declines 5%. It is also delivering significant growth of 10% in all key audiences. Million Dollar Minute has also been growing further over the past month: up 13% in total viewers over the previous month.

Seven’s Network Director of Production, Brad Lyons, said: “This is great news. It’s what we’re about at Seven – the development and creation of new programmes and concepts that deliver for audiences. We are driving our future with programmes and content we create and leverage. The sale of Million Dollar Minute into New Zealand is a tremendous step forward as we market this concept into international markets. We are focused on driving our presence in the sale and distribution of our programming and creating new business and revenue streams for our content.”

Endemol Worldwide Distribution have recently picked up the international distribution rights for Million Dollar Minute for both the format and finished programme.

Over the past twelve months, Seven has made significant moves in television production, with the formation of two international production ventures, 7Wonder and 7Beyond. Both companies build on Seven’s leadership in the creation and production of highly successful programming, including Home and Away, My Kitchen Rules, Border Security, A Place To Call Home, House Rules and Packed to the Rafters. Seven’s original formats and produced programmes are sold into more than 130 markets around the world.

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  • Trevor Ashman

    Sounds interesting 🙂

  • Jeseta

    So how does it work?! 😀

    • K

      Found this on the TV3 page http://www.tv3.co.nz/Shows/MillionDollarMinute.aspx

      This exciting new quiz show sees three players compete in a battle of general knowledge gameplay.

      There’s thousands of dollars ‘Safe Money’ up for grabs as they fight it out. But only the contestant with the highest score when the final siren sounds will play for the nightly jackpot in the Million Dollar Minute.

      The Million Dollar Minute jackpot starts at $20,000 – the first step to winning ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

      Win the $20,000 jackpot and players can take the money and leave the show. Or they can risk it to play on for $50,000, then $75,000…all the way to the ultimate ONE MILLION DOLLAR win!

      In an exciting new game development for 2014, players who make it to $75,000 on the Jackpot Ladder will automatically keep this money – even if they do not make it through to the next round. This literally encourages players to play on for even bigger money, and ultimately take home the one million dollar jackpot.

  • GP

    I wouldn’t be interested in watching this.

    • K

      Me neither TBH, well I wouldn’t go out of my way to anyway

      You’d think they’d go for something different than TV1’s 5.30 offerings (that’s if 5.30 is the timeslot, more than likely considering this show airs at 5.30 in Aus)

  • BT

    wow where ever did they get the idea to put a show on like that in that timeslot *sarcasm* TV3 are really pushing the boundaries

  • My Name Is, Um…

    Seven is “closing the gap on the incumbent game show on one network”… “its direct competitor”. Do they mean the Nine Network? These press releases are always so badly researched 🙂