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This weekend on The Nation… John Key’s gone to Washington, but what has he achieved? 3News Political Editor Patrick Gower sits down with the Prime Minister for his first TV interview after meeting President Obama. Then the Democrat congressman and co-chair of the Congressional Friends of New Zealand caucus, Rick Larsen, discusses Iraq, drones and trade.

Labour leader David Cunliffe joins Lisa Owen to talk about his horror week, that letter, and the implications for his leadership.

And he’s on a mission to change the world, one Shoulder Tap at a time. We’ll speak to tech entrepreneur Derek Handley about the unusual recruitment campaign that’s gaining attention all over the world.

We’ll discuss all this and more on our panel: New Zealand Herald columnist Fran O’Sullivan, editor and journalist Jonathan Milne, and former Labour Party candidate Josie Pagani.

The Nation on TV3, 9.30am Saturdays and 10am Sundays.

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  • Ana

    The behaviour of the host on this show is despicable. She wasn’t listening to David Cunliffe this morning – when she wasn’t talking over the top of him, she was rarely looking at him – opting to instead look down at her notes.