Big increase in Netflix/Hulu access

Slingshot-Global-ModeSlingshot has observed a large increase in the number of their customers accessing international content streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and BBC’s iPlayer since they announced they were unblocking the sites which was previously a service for customers hosting guests from countries that already allowed access.

Thousands of its customers were using this service – and claiming they were playing host to overseas visitors – but Slingshot says there are now four times more customers accessing these websites after they were unblocked some 10 days ago.

The reaction from its customers had been overwhelmingly positive, a Slingshot spokesman said today.

The volume of Slingshot internet traffic to these sites was 12 times than what it was before, the spokesman said.

While free-to-air television networks said they were holding urgent talks with Hollywood studios after Slingshot announced the move, the internet company said today it had received no pushback from its competitors or content providers.

What would be interesting to know is how many subscribers Sky has lost in the last 10 days as well. It appears as though knowledge is power and that advertising the availability of a service that people want works.

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