CBB adds voice to calls for Hosking to be dumped as moderator


The Coalition for Better Broadcasting is adding its voice to the many appalled at TVNZ’s choice of Mike Hosking as moderator for the upcoming political debates.

“This is not good broadcasting “says Chief Executive Myles Thomas, “in fact this is terrible broadcasting. TVNZ’s decision to use a famously biased interviewer for the most important political debate of the election is very poor indeed.

“Choosing a debate moderator with public links to the ruling party would be expected in Russia or China. But this is New Zealand, a western democracy where journalists are expected to be impartial, and to hold the ruling party to account. Mike Hosking does not hold this government to account, and when he sometimes seems to, it comes across as being part of National’s communications strategy, invariably helping them dig themselves out of a hole.

“Meanwhile Stephen Joyce attempts to compare Hosking with John Campbell. The difference is of course that Campbell has never endorsed a politician, never hosted a Labour Party event, and never shied away from seriously challenging politicians of all stripes. But heck, he lives in Grey Lynn so he must be left-wing.”

As New Zealand’s most watched political debate for this election, it is vital to the integrity of our democracy that it is impartial. Mike Hosking is a great television presenter but he is not impartial as his many quotes show. Here’s a few we found after just two minutes on Google:

“We have bright prospects for the future, so long as you keep them in Government.” Mike Hosking on National

Labelled Cunliffe a “moron” for giving his state of the nation address on Auckland’s Anniversary Day

“Is David Cunliffe incompetent or mad?”

“Very few people worth $50 million get the real world better than Key.”

New Zealanders deserve quality, informative and responsible journalism. Unfortunately TVNZ fails to deliver.

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  • andrew

    So what your saying is Hosking is bias and Campbell is not or is just because Hosking co-hosts one of the most successful shows new Zealand has seen and people love to hate it because its so successful. comments anyone!!!

    • David Finch

      Mike Hosking is an outspoken cheerleader for the National Party who has publicly endorsed John Key and called the leader of the Opposition “a moron”. John Campbell has never publicly endorsed any party. He could be a Green voter or a non-voter for all we know. He is also employed by TV3 which is privately owned. The large ratings delivered to Hosking on TV One have been built on TVNZ’s 50 year-plus history as our national broadcaster and the sense of ownership which (particularly older) viewers feel towards it. We deserve and have a right to expect impartiality from a channel we all own. Hosking is clearly not perceived as impartial and (as John Key and David Cunliffe would surely agree) perception is important in politics.

      • sam

        do you work for tv3?

        • David Finch

          Me? No. Why do you ask?

          • Danny TV Professional

            Well said David Finch. Spot on. The debate needs someone who is an effective broadcaster and who will be impartial. Hosking rules himself out because he has stated his political views many times. Just can’t understand what TVNZ are thinking?

  • K

    The Herald said when he first signed to Seven Sharp… “Hosking, who will be earning more than $1 million a year in total for
    his radio and TV gigs, is expected to also anchor the network’s election