House Rules Final - And the winners are:

…Adam and Lisa.

I wasn’t able to watch the show – busy, busy and all that.

Fill in your thoughts from tonight’s finale, and the season in the comments below.

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  • Johnson Leung

    Both teams deserved to win, as Carole and Russell had been fairly consistent while Adam and Lisa were the big improvers after a very sluggish start.

    Thank you Roger for recapping House Rules for both Australian and NZ readers of Throng, it’s a shame you were not able to recap fully the final week of the competition. The video is on TV3 or Channel Seven website so you could have had a quick look and write something about it. Your quick thoughts on the charity house renovation and the secret room renovation?

    • roger

      The charity house reno has been recapped 🙂
      I will add my thoughts when I get a chance to watch tonight’s final.

      Thanks for your comments! 🙂