House Rules Recap Thursday 10 July

Tonight is night two of the new challenge for the three remaining contestants. The three remaining teams are Candy and Ryan, Adam and Lisa and Carole and Russell. The lowest scoring team from this challenge will head home.

House Rules:

  1. Delight us with a fun, family beach house
  2. Make it safe and friendly for kids
  3. Go for a relaxed retro feel
  4. Keep it bright with pops of colour
  5. Find creative, easy-care options

We see the highlights from the last episode – the biggest drama is that Carole and Candy had a fight about a wall.

How many times will we hear them talk about getting into the final. My bet is 452.

Adam and Lisa: Deck, Dining room, main kids bedroom, laundry, linen closet, hall and toilet:

  • Adam measures out the new area for the toilet so the plumber can organise the pipes.
  • Adam has to demo some brick walls, and it takes a lot of time to take the bricks out to the skip.
  • Adam and Ryan work well together, while Carole and Russell just do their own thing.
  • They look for a dining table that fits ten. They can only find one that fits eight.
  • Adam wants to get the tiles put on the deck, but the tillers sent the wrong tiles. Carole lets him use hers. There we go, she can be nice sometimes.

Carole and Russell: Living room, family bathroom, second bedroom and rear access and ramp:

  • First job for today is demoing the bathroom so they can waterproof it. We get an unnecessary montage of Carole demoing. They need to decide where everything will be positioned. She wants it positioned in the middle, which creates two deal spaces. Russell points this out and she listens. Wow.
  • Russell gets focused on his jobs and pretty much ignores the other teams when they want his help. The other teams think he is playing dirty.
  • Russell wants to sheet up the bathroom window, and Carole doesn’t want to. She wants to add a skylight. With money out of thin air Carole?
  • Now we get a highlights reel of how hard Russell is working.
  • Carole heads out to find a retro bed for the master bedroom. She finds a lie green one.
  • There are problems with the measuring in the bathroom. I am sure it will all sort itself out.
  • Carole wants the wall put back up between the living room and games room. That would mean Candy and Ryan would have to unblock the door to the family room. On this one, I think Carole and Russell are right, but it is frustrating that she has waited until now to decide it. The editing does show that she told Candy and Ryan that it would be okay to have the couch in front of the opening to the games room because she would push the couch forward. Oops Carole. Who will win this battle??

Candy and Ryan: Kitchen, bedroom, games area, porch and front stairs:

  • Ryan gave up some room in the kitchen so there is enough room for the laundry. What a saint.
  • They are opening up the kitchen by removing some of the walls. He starts knocking out brick walls, and makes a hole in the floor.
  • Adam teaches Candy how to use an electric chisel to get the tiles off. It works a lot better.
  • Russell waits for Ryan to get sick of waiting for him to demo a wall and his plan works. Ryan does it for him.
  • Carole turns up to confuse Candy and Ryan, oops, I mean HELP Candy and Ryan. Carole says the design for the kitchen sounds boring, so they need to think about pops of colour and the retro feel.
  • They head out shopping. Ryan finds a net with shells in it that he wants to use as a screen in kitchen. I have a feeling that the judges will hate it. He is worried that Carole will want it; I don’t think anyone will want to take it Ryan. Carole sees the shell thing and thinks it’s disgusting!

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About the author

  • Tania

    It was Carolyn who turned up to advise Ryan and Candy on their kitchen, not Carole.
    I really hope they replace her next year – she just turns up, asks the contestants how they are, as if she hasn’t seen them in ages, then confuses the contestants by hinting at things but not clearly stating what she means, waves her arms about, and leaves the room with a cheery “I’ll leave you to it!”

  • Tania

    It’s weird how the theme song for this show in NZ is “We’re building a dream …”, whereas in Oz it was “Change, change your life …”.

    Also, I wonder why we didn’t get to see the linen closet that Candy and Ryan were responsible for when Carole and Russell’s home was renovated.