House Rules Recap Thursday July 3

Welcome to the reveal night of our first semi-final of House Rules.

Tonight we see the completed exterior and garden renovations for Candy and Ryan and Maddi and Lloyd.

At the end of this challenge another couple will head home.

Candy and Ryan’s House Rules:

  1. Make our garden sleek and modern
  2. Animate our entry with lights and water
  3. Give us shades of green – no water!
  4. Minx in timber, stone and metal accents
  5. Choose your zone: Front or back.

Maddi and Lloyd: The Front Yard

Judges thoughts: Joe thought there were some good elements to their design, and he loved the stack stone feature wall. However, he thought they didn’t achieve the “Animate our entry” house rule, and that the bagging of the exterior was poor. Wendy thought they had some great concepts but they needed to think bigger.

My thoughts: I like the wooden slanted fence-posts but I agree they only look good from one direction. The sandbagging looks shoddy and the entry LED lights look really tacky. Shiny Christmas lights are in no way impressive. The small ponds, if you could call them that, are pathetic. This is a bad space. They will be in trouble here.

Candy and Ryan’s reaction: They are pretty impressed with the entry-way and are shocked with how different the house looks with the grey concrete colour instead of the red bricks.

Carole and Russell: The Back Deck

Judges thoughts: Joe thought the removal of the roof was great, but they needed an alternate form of shade. He thought the sleepers weren’t modern or sleek. Hw thought they needed more plants around the perimeter. Wendy said they had to think more about the atmosphere they were wanting to create.

I like that they took that roof off, but they did need to think of alternate shade. What will Candy and Ryan do if it is super hot, or a bit wet? The sculpture just looks stupid. It is better than Maddi and Lloyd’s zone, but overall, it’s a disappointment.

Candy and Ryan’s reaction: They like what they have done with the two decks, and the huge BBQ, but they think the deck needed some shade and Candy hates the sculpture.

Carole and Russell’s House Rules:

  1. Create a Bali-inspired bush haven
  2. Make it safe for our grandkids
  3. Carve out tranquil relaxing spaces.
  4. Light up our night with a tropical vibe.
  5. Choose your zone: Front or back

Candy and Ryan: The Back Yard

Judges thoughts: Joe thought the use of terracing was good, especially the upper terrace. He thought it was a good idea to use the fast growing bamboo. Wendy thought they zoned their area well and she liked their Bali-inspired features. Joe thought they had a good overall vision, but he could see they ran out of time. Wendy says their biggest weakness is coming up with bigger ideas than they can handle. I couldn’t agree more.

My thoughts: I am not a huge fan of this zone. I think it is because I don’t find the bush setting very appealing. I like gardens to be lush and green, so it’s not wowing me, and it’s unfinished. Do Candy and Ryan ever finish? Usually they have had to rush something, or put a lot less focus on one part of their zone. This time it was the shed and the potting of their plants.

Carole and Russell’s reaction: They really like the space, perhaps not as enthusiastically as they did Adam and Lisa’s space. They don’t comment on the unfinished items.

Adam and Lisa: The front yard

Judges thoughts: Wendy loved that they used the rocks from the site to create the wall. Joe said that it was a super human effort and showed a clear sense of space. Joe could see the clear planning throughout, while Wendy thought the garden was a huge achievement.

My thoughts: Wow. It is a spectacular change. Adam and Lisa have wiped the floor with the other contestants and they deserve a near-perfect score.   I like everything about it.

Carole and Russell’s reaction: They love the space. They both get really emotional talking about just how much they love it.


Adam and Lisa:

Joe: 8/10

Wendy: 9/10

Total: 17/20

Carole and Russell:

Joe: 6/10

Wendy: 8/10

Total: 14/20

Candy and Ryan:

Joe: 6/10

Wendy: 7/10

Total: 13/20

Maddi and Lloyd:

Joe: 5/10

Wendy: 6/10

Total: 11/20

So Adam and Lisa are well and truly out in front. I think all the scores were fair tonight. Next we have the second semi final, and the completion of Adam and Lisa, and Maddi and Lloyd’s exterior and gardens.

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  • Tania

    Given that Candy and Ryan’s rule was ‘no water’, it was a bit silly of the producers to give them a couple of fish :-/

    Lisa and Adam’s work was spectacular. It’s a shame that Candy and Ryan didn’t go further up the hill, but I suppose that was due to budget.