House Rules Recap Wednesday 9 July

Tonight begins the new challenge for the three remaining contestants. The three remaining teams are Candy and Ryan, Adam and Lisa and Carole and Russell. The lowest scoring team from this challenge will head home.

Their challenge is to overhaul a Barnardos House in New South Wales.

The contestants meet three ladies from Barnardos, and find out more about the home, which is primarily used as a holiday home. It is an old large house and it is a bit worse for wear. The ladies would like it to be durable, safe and fun for a family.

The house has been split into three zones. Each couple will each be renovating an outside area, a bedroom and a wet area.

They pick from three cards to choose their zones.

  • Adam and Lisa: Deck, Dining room, main kids bedroom, laundry, linen closet, hall and toilet
  • Carole and Russell: Living room, family bathroom, second bedroom and rear access and ramp
  • Candy and Ryan: Kitchen, bedroom, games area, porch and front stairs

I think the easiest zone is Candy and Ryan’s.

House Rules:

  1. Delight us with a fun, family beach house
  2. Make it safe and friendly for kids
  3. Go for a relaxed retro feel
  4. Keep it bright with pops of colour
  5. Find creative, easy-care options

As Ryan says, it is a mixed bag of rules this week.

Feel free to comment about the rest of the episode in the comments below.

Tomorrow night we will see the next stage in the renovation.

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