House Rules Recap Wednesday July 2

Welcome to the semi-finals of House Rules.

This week the contestants are overhauling each other’s exteriors and gardens.

At the end of this challenge another couple will head home.

Candy and Ryan’s is the first in line for the exterior makeover, in just three and a half days.  Maddi and Lloyd and Carole and Russell will be fixing it up.

Candy and Ryan’s House Rules:

  1. Make our garden sleek and modern
  2. Animate our entry with lights and water
  3. Give us shades of green – no water!
  4. Minx in timber, stone and metal accents
  5. Choose your zone: Front or back

Maddi and Lloyd are doing the front area and Carole and Russell are doing the back.

They notice a “strange box” (producers tell them to notice the “strange box”).  There is a crow bar so they can open it.  Inside, there is a bowl of goldfish.  They must use this in the front zone.  In the back yard, there is a large crate.  Inside are nine railway sleepers.  Carole and Russell got the better deal.

That is a pretty pathetic twist if you ask me.

They agree to cement bag the walls (rendering them). They have agreed on a concrete grey colour.  Russell disagrees.  No one cares.  He says he will do limestone out the back.  He is putting his foot down.  Carole comes around to Russell’s idea.  Maddi and Lloyd disagree.  So now we might have a different colour at the front and the back.  How stupid.  Carole changes her mind again, and now they have all decided to go grey.  The bagging begins; they are darkening it, so hopefully they get the ratios correct.  Carole thinks she knows what to do.  She is wrong.  They agree to do the whole house together.  Carole thinks the side of the house should be rendered, but they have decided not to.

Maddi and Lloyd: The Front Yard

  • Going to get rid of the brickwork to make a modern entry with timber deck, and stone wall
  • Redo the driveway with new brickwork.
  • Maddi and Lloyd don’t like water features so they aren’t looking forward to using the fish.
  • Down comes the brick wall.
  • Reluctantly, they go shopping for a pond.  They are going to have the pond under the stairs.  The pond boxes they chose are pretty tiny!
  • While out shopping, Carole rings and asks them to pick up paint and other products for her.  Cheeky lady!  Russell even asks them to get some wire for him.
  • Chester says the bagging isn’t a good enough quality, so he has to re-do it.
  • Maddi and Lloyd are softies and Carole and Russell are taking advantage of them.

Carole and Russell: The Back Deck

  • Designing a generous deck with outdoor deck.
  • 2nd paved deck area with fire pit
  • Using the railway sleepers as a sculpture.
  • They are arguing a lot with each other as per usual.
  • Now they aren’t so sure about the sleeper sculpture, but they keep it.  Carole bosses the men around as they install it.
  • It is shopping time for outdoor pavers and splash back tiles.  Carole chooses some splash back tiles that are colourful, and expensive.  Russell is annoyed.
  • Carolyn thinks they should take the roof off out the back.  Carole agrees, Russell isn’t sure.  In fact, he says it isn’t coming off.  But as usual, he doesn’t get his way.  The roof comes off.
  • Carole wants a grass tree at about a metre high.  It will cost $600.  She wants something around $300.  That would be very short. She doesn’t tell Russell.


Now we skip over to Perth where Candy and Ryan and Adam and Lisa are making over Carole and Russell’s exterior and gardens.  Have fun digging that hard red desert earth!

Carole and Russell’s House Rules:

  1. Create a Bali-inspired bush haven
  2. Make it safe for our grandkids
  3. Carve out tranquil relaxing spaces.
  4. Light up our night with a tropical vibe.
  5. Choose your zone: Front or back

Adam and Lisa are doing the front, and Candy and Ryan do the back.

They head over to the box.  Adam and Lisa have to use a statue.  It is pretty cool.  In the back yard, there is in old Balinese chair.  Both the items are pretty awesome.

They decide (outvoting Ryan) to have cream paint on the exterior of the house.

Candy and Ryan: The Back Yard

  • Creating paved entertainment area under a new roof
  • Making a play area for the grandkids
  • Balinese chair will have its own zone in the corner by the trees.
  • They go looking for a pond, but with Ryan shopping, they end up going anywhere.
  • The pond lining will cost over $100 a metre.  Yowzer.
  • The septic tank is in the back yard so it causes a problem for Candy and Ryan.  That means a retaining wall has to come down.  OH THE DRAMA.
  • Luckily there is something that can be done.  Crisis averted.  It is as if there was no crisis in the first place! (Sarcasm).
  • Candy is painting in her zone.  The paint dries fast in the 34-degree heat.
  • GAH! It is STUPID prank time from Candy and Ryan.  These two annoy me with their STUPID pranks.  End of pranks.
  • They buy a huge head sculpture and some other big items.
  • They have budget problems so they have to decide what to cut back on.  The pond has to go.
  • Carolyn comes in much too late and says the paint is the wrong colour.  GAH.  So Candy is going to repaint it.  Why don’t they just put plants in front or something?
  • Candy organizes Lisa’s painter to paint their zone too, after all the time it took Lisa.  She wasn’t impressed.
  • They have to level some of the yard to make a space for their big chair.
  • With about a day to go, their zone doesn’t look good.
  • Ryan has to put together a garden shed.

Adam and Lisa: The front yard

  • Building a second deck off the main deck, which can be a new entertainment area
  • Includes a new terrace.
  • The statue will be put somewhere where it catches the eye.
  • The excavators arrive to help move the rubble in the front yard.  There are lots of rocks, which they will use as a retaining wall in front of the deck.
  • Lisa is clueless; she has no idea what to do.  Adam can’t find any soil, its all clay.
  • Retaining wall rocks need to be jammed in place or they will slip if the grandkids walk on it.  It is a time consuming method though because they have only moved five rocks in to two hours.
  • Adam has hit the sewer pipes, so they need to patch that up.  They need a plumber, which is going to cost them a lot.  $40 per 15 minutes after the first hour.  Highway robbery, but with sewerage, you can charge what you like and people will pay!
  • They head off to buy plants for the front.  They also find a water feature.
  • The plumber sorts the problem out.
  • Lisa tries to find a painter to paint the top eves.  Adam says don’t worry about the eves.
  • The decking is going up, and it is looking pretty good.
  • Another water-pipe gets broken, which makes an unwanted water feature.


At this stage, it is hard to tell who will win or lose this week!

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About the author

  • Tania

    Tonight’s episode in Australia was entertaining yet predictable – those darned judges!

    Carole’s a cheeky b**** asking Maddi and Lloyd to pick up their supplies. AND constantly changing her mind about everything. Horrid old bag.

    • roger

      Are you in Aussie or NZ Tania? Do you have a VPN or something?

      • Tania

        I’m in NZ but was talking to my best friend as last night’s show was playing out … she had me on speaker phone, so I could listen to what was happening 🙂

        I’ve seen a lot of future episodes online though, yes.

  • Johnson Leung

    The grand final of House Rules will be shown in Australia this Sunday (July 6) with the winner to be announced at around 10.30pm NZ time. Based on what you have seen so far, which two teams do you think will reach the finale? And do you think TV3 will show the episodes on more nights in the next two weeks, so that NZ viewers don’t have to wait too long to see the finale?

    • Tania

      Not sure who you’re asking, but I’ll tell you what I think …

      I already know who’s made it through to the final and all I can say on that is “predictable”.

      And no, TV3 will not air more episodes. They didn’t last year and don’t really have reason to this year. Their schedule is worked out long in advance, so there isn’t really any room to slot any extra episodes in.

      • Sam

        The House Rules finale airs here only 1 week later on Sunday July 13 at 7pm (There is a double episode on July 11).

      • roger

        I concur. Predictable. And hopefully the result will be predictable too.