NZ On Air Report - Where are the Audiences - Part 2

Here is the break down of how kiwis are consuming media:


Average Weekly Reach (% of People)

There are a couple of interesting points here.  Firstly, that 68% of people are watching pay TV every week when the penetration is only a little over 50%.  That 95% of people are watching some form of linear TV in a week is still very strong and unsurprisingly the largest medium.

Another very interesting thing here is that only 7% of people are accessing TV shows via streaming, torrent or download.  This is a much smaller number than I would have imagined and equates to only 315,000 people who are typically accessing content via less than kosher means on a weekly basis.

Another point is that 3% of people are using a VPN to access Netflix, Hulu or BBC’s iPlayer.  This equates to approximately 135,000 people.  Considering earlier speculation that there were 30,000 Netflix accounts in New Zealand, with the average household size in New Zealand currently sitting at 2.7, this would equate to approximately 81,000 people so the numbers theoretically sound right.

The other thing that I find fascinating is that only 1% of people talk about TV shows on Twitter.  That’s about 45,000 people.  Considering there are about 350,000 Twitter users in New Zealand, only 13% of users are choosing to talk about with TV on the platform.

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  • Citizen Cane

    The low downloading rate doesn’t really surprise me. Most people are happy with what’s on tv. They just want to come home after work and relax. The shows that rate really well aren’t the kind of shows that people download. If you are down loading reality shows or variety shows (X factor,Idol, got talent) Then that’s a little sad. I think down loaders are very vocal about it on the internet and that gives the illusion that everyone is doing it.

    • David Finch

      I agree. Most people enjoy watching television but comparatively few are committed enough to seek out content online – it takes time and research. There’s still a need – and a demand – for quality mainstream and niche free-to-air channels – including a decent public service channel – which can be trusted to ‘curate’ the kind of content their audiences want (but won’t always bother to find through other means).

  • Jas

    The downloading figure doesn’t suprise me, it still takes a bit of work to get the programme as opposed to pushing a button and the sites where it is talked about a lot do involve similar people so numbers are high.
    The 95% for linear TV was about what I would expect too. Ease of use is a big factor here.

  • Danny TV Professional

    Mirrors the UK findings (as widely reported late last year). Advertisers and the likes of TVNZ are driving online viewing and making big claims, but in reality it is being pushed hard to stop viewers ff through the ads. Until the next gen Apple TV and Hola!/ChromeCast combos take off viewing will stay small. Quality content is the key…