A close race this year is the Outstanding Drama race. This year the nominees are

Outstanding Drama Series – Channel it screens in NZ in brackets

Breaking Bad (SOHO)

Downton Abbey (Prime)

Game Of Thrones (SOHO)

House Of Cards (TV3)

Mad Men (SOHO)

True Detective (SOHO)

Some interesting points to note:

  • This is a very tight race. Past winner Homeland didn’t make the cut, or crowd favourite Scandal.
  • Last year, Best Drama Series was won by Breaking Bad, and a win again this year would send it out on a high. Many people think that the last series has been the best yet, so it is a clear frontrunner.
  • The second season of House of Cards is nominated after picking up its first nomination last year.
  • Game of Thrones has had its highest ratings this year in its fourth season.
  • True Detective had a lot of buzz and two high profile “movie” actors in the lead roles. It was well received by the critics also.
  • Both Mad Men and Downton Abbey have been nominated here before, but are unlikely to win.
  • Man Men hasn’t received any Emmy’s since 2011.
  • If Mad Men was to win, it would be the first drama to win five Best Drama Emmy’s.
  • (Source: www.goldderby.com)

Who will win: Breaking Bad

I think it is likely, like with The Sopranos, that the Emmy voters will send Breaking Bad out with a bang, and the Emmy Award.

Who should win: House of Cards

I actually think The Good Wife should win but it wasn’t even nominated. However I think that Season Five was some amazing television. I won’t spoil it for those of you who watch in NZ because TV3 is way behind.

Apart from The Good Wife, it is very hard to pick the most deserving winner, as each of these shows are brilliant in their own way. The standard of TV drama is improving all the time – with the proof being the amount of movie actors who are now moving to TV for new challenges and the quality writing it provides. Out of this group, House of Cards was my favourite! Bring on season three!

Sadly for New Zealand, if you don’t have SOHO, you can’t watch half of the Best Drama nominees.

What do you think? Who should win? Who will win? Who was snubbed?

Tomorrow: Lead Actor in a Drama Series




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  • Chris

    I think you’ll find Breaking Bad airs on SoHo, too.

    • roger

      You are correct! All updated 🙂