Fair Go gets new timeslot to make way for MKR NZ

Announced on TV One’s Facebook page

Fair Go takes a break next week before moving to an all new time slot at 8:00pm, Monday – starting 1st September.

Tonight on the show:

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  • Tania

    I’m surprised TVNZ bothered to advise viewers of the schedule change – they normally don’t! I don’t think this is a good move – firstly, because it’s already moved (from its original time slot of 7:30pm); and secondly, because it’s been part of Wednesday’s line-up for a very long time. People who have been loyal viewers of this show for many, many years are not going to like the chnage. Of course TVNZ should never have put MKR on TV1 in the first place; it clearly belongs on TV2.

    • K

      Yes it is a surprise that they should let us know !

      I agree that MKR should never have been put on TV One. Still don’t understand the reason behind that move. It will be interesting to see how it rates (and Fair Go on Mondays) 🙂

  • GP

    I don’t think that it will be a problem. “Fair Go” is very popular. It is strange to have MKR on TV1, but there is a lot of rubbish on TV1 these days.