Lightbox launches tonight as Fairfax commits $50m to new SVOD service

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The Subscription Video On Demand market really is heating up. Tonight, Spark (Telecom) launch their SVOD service LightBox. Meanwhile in Australia, Fairfax have announced they’re teaming up with Nine Entertainment Co to launch StreamCo and will each drop $50m AUD into the coffers.

Whether or not StreamCo will end up in New Zealand remains to be seen but with Netflix on the horizon, Lightbox launching tonight and Sky not too far away with their offering, not to mention the pre-existing Quickflix, the market is about to get rather congested one would think.

In Australia, Foxtel recently halved their monthly subscription rate for their SVOD service Presto to $9.99 a month. With prices coming down and more players entering the market, producers must be loving the bidding wars for their content.

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