Meet the contestants of My Kitchen Rules NZ

Group One

1012456_497201003759343_4580798604213248683_nNeena and Belinda (Modern Day Hippies)

Belinda and Neena are the Modern Day Hippies, friends and cousins-in-law from Cambridge, and the real deal when it comes to healthy eating. Favouring wholesome and earthy flavours, their goal is to incorporate as many nutrient-dense foods into their meals as possible. Keen foragers and creative foodies, they’re a formidable force in the kitchen.

But, with six kids under five between the two of them, they’re also smart cooks, keen on simple and quick combinations and always with a healthy cupcake or two prepared for little hands.

Neena and Belinda entered My Kitchen Rules New Zealand with a mission in mind: to change Kiwis’ attitudes to healthy food, one meal at a time.
Expect to-die-for fresh herbs, surprising edible plants and healthy twists when Neena and Belinda plate up!


10533560_526403624156920_7247728760609739840_nSam and Dan (Social Media Buddies)

Flying the flag for generation Y are Sam and Dan! Self-confessed foodies, they like nothing better than to cook for their friends, and tell the world about their epic meals via Twitter.

Sam and Dan ooze natural confidence, and they’re not afraid to tell the competition if their dishes don’t measure up to expectations.

They talk the talk, and their cutting critiques may have their fellow cooks running scared – but do they have the skills to match?


10429409_715765755138311_9090855251225275022_nJune and Steph (Bogan Besties)

From Tauranga hail the Bogan Besties June and Steph. Food, family and fast cars – that’s what these best friends are all about!

June owns a Dodge Charger and Stephanie, a 73 Holden Statesman. When these ladies aren’t cooking they’re putting pedal to the metal in Tauranga. June and Steph live and breathe cooking. They’re always whipping up huge meals for a home packed full of family and friends.

But they’re also not afraid to let their hair down – these friends are loud, funny, and the life of the party.

June and Steph are bringing their unique brand of fun to My Kitchen Rules NZ. Their fellow contestants won’t know what’s hit them when they venture to their elaborately themed instant restaurant!


10559687_678277372264664_3778288805577488207_nDan and Christie (Newlyweds)

Newlyweds Dan and Christie hail from Dunedin.

The rock star and the midwife, they’re one of the sweetest couples you will ever meet. High school sweethearts and newly married, Dan and Christie are banking on their solid partnership being an asset in My Kitchen Rules NZ.

Dan and Christie are as passionate about food as they are about each other, and they are ready to show just what creative and dynamic cooks they can be.

With kind words to say about their fellow competitors, Dan and Christie might try and fly under the radar unlike other dinner guests. But with a quiet confidence shining through, Dan and Christie will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with.


10592998_724506254312169_1169330850918489056_nTracey and Neil (Beauty and The Beast)

From Orewa, Tracey and Neil make up Beauty and The Beast.

Former model Tracey and photographer Neil have been best friends for more than 25 years.

These creative individuals love the finer things in life and are ready to show off their discerning palates in the Instant Restaurant Rounds.

Tracey and Neil aren’t fans of arrogant cooks and they’re prepared to tell their fellow competitors to check the egos at the door.

They’re upbeat, positive and in to win.


Group Two

10592838_1482040702042980_2109543898919086493_nAaron and Heather (Polynesian Cooks)

Palmerston North’s Aaron and Heather are the Polynesian Cooks.

Aaron and Heather have eaten their way around the world.

It’s Aaron’s dream to make it big in the food industry, and while Heather has her heart set on being Beyonce’s back up dancer, she’s on board to help make her husband’s dream a reality.

This loved-up couple are the perfect team in the kitchen. Aaron is the epitome of a foodie, who lives and breathes everything food-related.

Heather will be by his side, busting out some dance moves and ensuring they plate up on time!


10334409_319842524857021_6332798041830174518_nIan and Sandie (Fireman and His Flame)

Fireman and His Flame Ian and Sandie come from the Lower Hutt.

They’re a couple that love to cook and entertain.

Ian and Sandie have a large extended family and lots of friends, so both can think of nothing better than to make their loved ones amazing meals to share, over a bottle of wine.

Ian is opinionated, but a bit of a softy at heart.

He likes to think that in the kitchen, his way is the right way, but Sandie has her own ideas on what will impress the judges.


10252115_772684316116755_1916217009052014135_nJessie and Ricki (Christchurch Cuties)

From Christchurch, Jessie are Ricki are the Christchurch Cuties.

These gym junkies have dreams of running their own café one day.

Fun, sassy, and hugely competitive, they may be young, but these girls have the skills to back up their ambitions.

Jessie and Ricki’s biggest hurdle is their tendency to have a good old squabble, each with strong opinions on cooking.

But in the end these girls have the same end goal in mind – to win My Kitchen Rules NZ!


10351659_681680998579919_1606695295706587662_nJosh and Aaron (Corporate Dads)

Josh and Aaron are the Corporate Dads from Auckland.

Charismatic and driven, they’re corporate go-getters bringing their competitive edge to the kitchen!

Classic Kiwi blokes, Josh and Aaron love boats, bikes, rugby and having a good laugh with each other.

They are not afraid to tell it like it is, and they’ve come to MKR NZ to win the grand prize.

The boys strive for excellence and dream of opening a pop up restaurant called ‘Two Fat Cats’, and producing a range of cooking rubs and sauces.


10553308_270203513175084_4035974463315862956_nKelly and Megan (Hawkes Bay Sisters)

From Hawkes Bay, Kelly and Megan are the Hawkes Bay Sisters.

They’re are perfectionists who love to cook with a creative twist.

What they lack in practicality, they make up for with innovative ideas in their cooking.

Both love to cook organic and whole foods without skimping on the taste. They follow a holistic and chemical-free lifestyle, which is reflected in the dishes they plate up.

Despite the odd quarrel, Kelly and Megan’s secret ingredient is that as sisters, they can get through anything.

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