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4 of the My Kitchen Rules NZ teams – click on the pictures to view their Facebook pages.

The finale of MKR Australia screens here on Wednesday 20th August – no word yet on when MKR NZ will be premiering, but as per the pic it will screen Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday at 7.30pm.


Kelly and Megan


Aaron and Heather


Jessie and Ricki


Josh and Aaron

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  • Tania

    Very interesting! Thank you for posting!
    The judges are hot – especially the one on the right 😉

  • bobscoffee

    There are only six teams? Does that mean this series will end sooner then?

    • Tania

      Without a doubt … there’s just no way NZ will have the budget to pull off the sort of fanfare the Oz show offers. I predict one elimination following the instant restaurants, and then we’ll be heading into the kitchen for sudden death cook-offs … with maybe a challenge or two thrown in?

      The earlier series of MKR Oz were nowhere near as exciting – or long – as the ones in more recent times.

      • roger

        But only six teams???? I would have thought they would have had 12.

        • Greg

          There will be 10 teams. 2 sets of five.

          • roger

            Where does it say that? Hope that is true, six seemed a bit amateur in comparison to Aussie – and yes, I know that it is going to different than the Aussie one, but still.

  • aaronimpact

    I hope TV1 have a omnibus catch up on the weekend. I don’t think I will be able to watch it being screened on TV1, it clashes with my other programmes.

    • roger

      it will be on demand