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On The Nation this weekend…. How can we make New Zealand richer? Are cows and roads the answer, or does the path to wealth lie in the garages of our small time entrepreneurs? How do we grow the regions and where will the jobs come from? Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce and Labour’s spokesperson Grant Robertson go head to head with their visions for the country’s future.

As the final sitting of the 50th Parliament comes to an end, Torben Akel takes a look back at the highs and lows of the term and Lucy Warhurst talks to the image consultants and branding experts about how the parties are looking as they enter the campaign. Hashtags and red scarves anyone?

And this week The Nation marks the unofficial start of the election campaign by bringing you a brand new feature courtesy of 7 Days comics Jeremy Corbett and Paul Ego. Each week until the election “Politics in Sixty Seconds” will offer a smart, satirical take on the campaign.

We’ll discuss all this and more on our panel: 3News Political Editor Patrick Gower, hi-tech entrepreneur Selwyn Pellett, and New Zealand Herald columnist Fran O’Sullivan.

The Nation on TV3, 9.30am Saturdays and 10am Sundays.

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  • Tania

    They need to lay down a few ground rules on this show – starting with, one person talking at a time! Listening to the two MPs talk over the top of each other, with Lisa Owen also talking, trying to get their attention, was just ridiculous. Lisa also needs to stop interrupting her guests before they’ve answered her questions – it’s just rude, and is probably something she learnt from Susan Wood, who does it ALL the time. Also, the desk is not the right set-up for a good discussion – they need to move to a round table so people aren’t leaning over each other like that.

    • Tania

      Lisa Owen should go and watch clips of Megan Kelly on Fox, who conducts her interviews perfectly, and often juggles/controls the views of four guests.

      When I saw ‘The Nation’ yesterday, I was in an airport lounge and a number of people around me started laughing and saying how out of control and distracting the show was, because of all the shouting over the top of each other. I wonder if TV3 realise that?