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the_kick_cast_051On Tuesday night I was invited to watch a preview of Great Southern Television’s latest tele-movie, The Kick, based on the story of Stephen Donald and the All Blacks World Cup win in 2011. Sorry for the spoiler. It was excellent. However, to provide you with some context, I probably need to preface this by saying that I am not a big fan of Rugby and that I believe New Zealand’s attitude towards the game is unhealthy and how we deal with defeat immature. I am often times embarrassed by the way the country mopes in defeat and finds it difficult to celebrate a good game being a good game. So much so that I tend to cheer on whichever team the AB’s are playing. But I digress…

What makes The Kick special is that it is more than just another telling of one of New Zealand’s more historical moments. It celebrates achievement and the journey getting there. It’s something we don’t do enough of as a country and I felt very proud watching this, more so for the fact that this was such a positive story about one of our true successes, one which we as a country have been striving for for decades.

Most of the story telling that gets produced in this country tends to be based around tragedy, death, murder or crime. While they’re often reasonable watches, it’s a little depressing to think that’s what grinds the production machines and continues to get funding from NZ On Air so The Kick is wonderfully refreshing.

This is definitely something to watch tonight or load into your PVR. The opening shots over Hong Kong are breath taking and what follows is brilliantly shot. The casting is very well done and there are moments when you’ll do a double take as to if there are actually All Blacks in the cast, not to mention the coaching team.

One of the stand out performances for me was Clinton Randall who plays Richard Kahui. You may remember Clinton as one of the finalists in the third season of NZ Idol.

The movie really humanised the All Blacks for me. Typically viewed as super heroes, The Kick really showed them as normal, every day men who aren’t that different from the rest of us.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and really hope it encourages other TV producers to showcase more stories of our successes and things we can celebrate as New Zealanders.

The Kick screens tonight at 8:30pm on TV One.


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  • roger

    REALLY hoping it isn’t super cheesy!

  • roger

    I loved it! I was worried about the cheesiness but it was really well done. I agree with you Regan that Clinton Randell did really well. I didn’t realise Kahui and Donald were good mates. It was also good to see the ‘Bree’ actress from Shortland Street in a better role.