Shortland Street Recap (5558)

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Garrett’s growing up, Wendy went berserk, and Rachel received trouble from Brooke.

Harper stood up for Garret after he physically assaulted his uncle at work, and Garrett was called into a disciplinary meeting with Chris and Boyd. Long story short: after being forgiven by his father, he finally believes in himself as a doctor and is ready to take his career seriously.

It was a tough day for Wendy on Friday: at work Vinnie offered all the same solutions as her and got all the credit, at home no one appreciated her cooking, and at The IV she ended up on dishes duty. Soon after she started working complaints began to come in about how all the food had a chemical taste to it. Murray managed to find the culprit – Wendy had been washing the dishes with floor cleaner instead of detergent! When he broke the news to her she broke down, smashing plates and yelling in front of the patrons.

At work Ava could barely manage to be civil to Brooke so she decided to take some action. She bought all the documents for Perpetua (the Extract Seven club) to Rachel and told her all about the illegal drug trial. Thinking quickly, Rachel offered to handle the situation herself. As Ava’s landlord and a patient in the Perpetua club, Rachel is now stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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