Shortland Street Recap (5571-5572)

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Evan delivers a baby, Rachel has a stalker, and TK is heading home.

Evan managed to successfully deliver the baby, who has been named ‘Cooper’ in his honour. He ended up having lunch with Marnie the midwife and the two flirted up a storm. Their time together culminated in a kiss in the Cooper kitchen. Looks like Evan really does have a thing for older women.

Chris was desperate to take Rachel away to recuperate but the DHB were struggling to find someone to step into the CEO position. He suggested Brooke as a suitable candidate but Rachel categorically refused. However, Gloria Springer overrode their decision and let Brooke step in. Perhaps no one told her that Brooke was recently fired from Shortland Street Hospital for illegally impersonating Rachel.

Tonight was the last night for Sarah as her family and friends put her to rest. Boyd showed up to the funeral but no one really wanted him there. In fact, he was so unwanted that TK interrupted the service to have a go at him and send him packing. He went out to his car to shed some man tears, when he noticed a runner nearby who was in a spot of trouble. Boyd helped him out, called the ambulance, and ended up performing his surgery back at the hospital. Meanwhile, the funeral came to an end and afterwards TK announced to his family that he is going to go back home with them.

A mysterious woman named ‘Lucy’ appeared on the scene today, looking for Rachel. She managed to stalk her to TK’s place in time to conveniently overhear her telling Harper the code for the house alarm. Once the Warners had left for the bach (they’ve rebuilt since the bomb last year) she broke into the house. When inside, she started going through Rachel’s things and looking at the family photos.

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  • Tania

    Discovering her Shortland Street character was going to be killed off came as an “incredibly unpleasant shock” to actor Amanda Billing, but now she feels born again.

    Billing’s character, Dr Sarah Potts, succumbed to a deadly virus, but not before she had found a cure in time to save others, just not herself.

    The news Dr Potts was going to be axed came at contract-negotiation time in March, and was announced over the phone by 38-year-old Billing’s agent.

    Initially shocked, Billing then felt “angry, very angry”, she told Woman’s Day.

    She had suffered depression and anxiety in recent years, and for a while she feared she would find it harder than other people to cope.

    “But then I told myself, ‘This has nothing to do with your mental health. This is simply a hard situation. There’s nothing wrong with you.”‘

    The depression had not been a problem and she did not think it ever would again, Billing said.

    “It’s one of the many wonderful gifts this experience has given me.”

    She is now looking forward to touring China and Japan with the Wellington Ukulele Orchestra, as well as auditioning for new television and film roles.
    (from Stuff)

    • roger

      I assumed she chose to leave!

      Any one else notice that the girl Evan is flirting looks like the girl from the Anchor Milk ads from years ago.