Shortland Street Recap (5573)

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Lucy’s working at the hospital, Kylie and Garrett almost get caught, and Dallas pops the question (again).

Tonight was kind of slow, so here’s the gist of it:

That creepy Lucy chick finally left the Warner’s, only to turn up at Shortland Street Hospital the following day to try to get a job. Nicole didn’t want to hire her at first, but Lucy managed to twist her arm. Now she’s going around the hospital trying to dig up dirt on Rachel.

Kylie and Garrett did a bunch of sneaking around and only just managed to keep their secret from Ula. However, it looks like tomorrow they get caught out.

Leanne got her wires crossed today and thought that Bella was itching to get married, so she encouraged Dallas to propose. When Dallas did propose she rejected him. She came around though, and proposed to Dallas in the car park (he said yes).

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