The world loses a bright star

We will miss you Robin Williams.


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Co-founder of Throng. Favourite TV shows recently: Homeland and The Newsroom.
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  • jim

    RIP. best cross dresser the world has ever seen.

  • Danny TV Professional

    I do hope the Programmers across the channels have the brains to schedule his films over the next few days. Real public desire to see them and remember him right now. BBC & Aus channels have completely overhauled their schedules and it is wall-to-wall Robin…as it should be.

    • Sam

      TV One is airing Good Morning, Vietnam on Saturday at 9.30

  • bc

    I was thinking about his films and trying to decide which was his best. In the end I came to the decision that you can’t really pick just one best film because he has done dramas as well as comedy.
    “Good Morning Vietnam” deserves a mention, because that film would be nothing without him. The story was horribly clichéd, with pretty average direction. But to give the director credit he allowed Robin Williams to make it is own. I think he wisely realised it would be a pretty ho-hum film otherwise.
    I really loved seeing Williams playing against type in “One Hour Photo”. Williams could have easily played the main character as a one-dimensional bad guy, but Williams gave an incredibly sophisticated performance. He should have got an Oscar for that role.
    My other favourite Williams film is the genie in “Aladdin”. Disney built the character around William’s performance – good move.