7 Days and JABAT prepare to hijack election weekend


The 7 Days and Jono and Ben at Ten (JABAT) comedians are running their own version of election coverage, with a schedule of entertainment and comedy across TV3, Kiwi FM, the web and social media this Friday and Saturday under the banner DERISION ’14.

7 Days Producer, Jon Bridges says the DERISION ’14 activity is complementary to TV3’s Election Night coverage.

“Elections are important, and TV3 always has the best people and the best pictures on Election Night… but sometimes you just want a bit more fun, a bit more comedy,” he says.

“7 Days is here to help – and to piggyback on all the effort 3News puts in. If you want election coverage that’s a little less information-y, tune in.”

The DERISION ’14 coverage starts at 9.40pm on Friday night, with the very first 7 Days Election Special, filmed in Wellington with appearances from Peter Dunne, Colin Craig, David Cunliffe, Paula Bennett, David Shearer, Tariana Turia and Te Ururoa Flavell.

The Jono and Ben Live Election Results Show follows at 10.10pm, featuring no actual election results, but cameos from across the political spectrum, including John Key, David Cunliffe, David Seymour and Phil Goff.

On Saturday, as John Campbell and Duncan Garner kick off TV3’s Election Night Coverage at 7pm, viewers will have the option of tuning into Kiwi FM for alternative election night audio commentary from Rose Matafeo and a group of the comedians and writers behind 7 Days and JABAT – plus cameos from Dai Henwood, Jono and Ben and more.

And if that’s not enough comedic entertainment, TV3 viewers are invited to take part in the inaugural 7 Days Election Night Bingo and post their scorecards to #derision14 to be eligible for spot prizes.

“If you want comprehensive political analysis and in-depth coverage, #derision14 is probably not for you,” says Jono Pryor.

“But if you want to spend election weekend laughing, and find out who will be running the country for the next three years from Rose and the crew on Kiwi FM, this is definitely the place to be.”

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  • Tania

    This sounds like a hit in the making! A bit of fun mixed in with the serious stuff. Sounds great.

  • Tania

    It was great to see Politicians involved with JABAT tonight … the ‘my kid can draw that’ (with politicans drawing instead of kids) was hilarious! As was Hone’s cameo.

    • Tania

      Oops, sorry – the former was ‘7 Days’. Well done to TV3 for awesomely funny shows.

  • bc

    Who knew that David Shearer had a personality! Awesome guitar planning and a song with some funny lines. Why didn’t we see more of this ‘human’ side of him when he was the leader of the Labour party?
    Colin Craig was also awesome with his picture of Act wanting to allow shopkeepers to arm themselves. He mocked it wonderfully. Again who thought that he had a personality and why doesn’t he show it more.
    Paula Bennett and Turiana Turia also got some great lines in. Great to see politicians not afraid to get involved in the spirit of the show. (David Cunliffe looked pretty awkward, however)

    • epistaxis

      totally agree with you bc , david shearer could have been a real contender this election if that part of his personality had come thru when he was leader,and colin craig seemed “normal” for that fleeting moment. (his picture and the fact that he was mocking that other loon Jamie whyte cracked me up)