Casting call for a young Wolfgang West in Outrageous Fortune prequel

TV3 are lookingoutrageous-fortune for a young Wolfgang West for the Outrageous Fortune prequel screening next year on TV3.

Do you want to be part of New Zealand’s most iconic and infamous television family? The prequel to Outrageous Fortune is coming to TV3 in 2015. The six-part series will tell the story of legendary safe cracker, Ted West, his wife Rita and their son Wolfgang. The story will be set in 1970s Auckland – a time when the only bike to be seen on was the Chopper and everyone’s dad rocked a pair of Stubbies men’s shorts.

The series is being produced by our friends at South Pacific Pictures and we need your help.

We’re on the hunt for a male in his teens or early 20s to play a young Wolfgang West.

To apply you must be:

• Young European male aged between approximately 15-20 years
• Available for filming late October 2014 to mid-December 2014
• Auckland-based during the filming period

So what are you waiting for? Email your audition video to:
Terms and conditions apply.



The young gun looks directly into the camera, to say what he needs to say, straight to the people.


My name is Wolfgang West, but

pretty much everyone calls me Wolf.

Round where I live they say my Dad,

Ted West, is the best criminal

can clean out any safe, in the

blink of an eye. (beat)

But I reckon they ain’t seen

nothing yet, because I’m getting my

own crew together. (beat)

So get out of the way, Old Man, cause the son is rising.

And he smiles, to end the message.


Wolfgang West is the son of Ted and Rita West. He is a European teenager.

Wolf is tough, cocky and wily, though to adults he can seem surly. Wolf is impatient to be older than he is, so he can get his driver’s licence – even though he can already drive – and to leave school, even though he doesn’t go all that often.

He hates school, apart from lunch time. He’s smart enough, but finds it hard to sit still. His main interests there are fighting, betting and smoking behind the bike sheds. But he also has skills and talents: he’s good at shoplifting and breaking into houses through surprisingly small gaps. Wolf has a group of neighbourhood mates that he hangs out with, and is already top dog. He likes girls, and likes to tease them, but is shy around the ones he fancies.

Wolf is very aware of what’s cool – and that’s not his father, who is always going on about rules and boring old guy stuff. One day, Wolf plans to have his own gang and be a successful criminal, playing it his way.

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