Fairfax invites everyone to take a taxpayer funded, violence-fueled Road Trip


Struggling old media company, Fairfax, has today launched their $300,000 taxpayer funded web series Road Trip on the Stuff website. The news organisation has taken their “make it up as we go along” approach and applied it to television with the intent to crowdsource the storyline.

It appears as though the legacy infrastructure isn’t Fairfax’s only issue as the pilot was barely watchable with the spinning wheel of buffering interrupting the entire seven minutes.

The series opens with one of the two lead characters, journalist Sarah, played by Canadian actress Meghan Heffern, who is stranded in Bluff crying to an old Tongan woman about how her parents have cut her off and she has no money and she wanted to travel the length of the country and document extraordinary stories about ordinary Kiwis. The old lady ropes her son, Beni (Nua Finau) into driving her to Auckland. He’s not happy about it. But it seems to be that or the threat of a bit of family violence.

Getting into the car of a stranger, Sarah begins her journey but it’s not long before she’s threatened with physical violence – a “high-five” to the face. Welcome to New Zealand.

While Finau plays a reasonably likeable character, Heffern’s is obnoxious and a rather poor and unbelievable actress. If we’re throwing taxpayer money at actors like that, we’ve got plenty of our own that could have played the role just as badly.

The series is produced by KHF Media, the folk behind the Emmy Award winning Reservoir Hill. I can’t imagine there is Emmy Gold for them on this outing.

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