Here's a clever idea from TV3 to hook you into their election night coverage

7 Days have had released Bingo cards for election night like this one:


Get yours here.

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  • bingo

    Great, can we download big marker pens from TV3’s website too? Can never find them when I want them.

  • Tania

    Hmmm … wonder if it’s like The Blockout Live game in that some of the squares relate to PAST episodes (elections in this case). Nevertheless, they should’ve made it electronic (like The Blockout Live game) and hooked up with lots of sponsors to offer great prizes … that would definitely get the ratings!! I see Jono and Ben are doing an election special on Saturday night – that should be fun. I seem to recall Paul Ego, Dai Henwood and Jeremy Corbett doing something too … Saturday, maybe?, or was it Friday … 3 will definitely be the place to be on Saturday night; TV One’s coverage sounds same-old (read: boring).

    • Guest

      As a Mediaworks employee surely you could suggest this to them?

      • K


      • Tania

        Whatcha talkin bout Willis?

        If you’re meaning me, I can assure you do I not work for Mediaworks – nor TVNZ, nor SKY, nor any other TV shop. I’m just someone who loves to watch and talk all things TV.

  • Jeseta

    Election bingo cards are also printed in this week’s Listener magazine.

  • Tania

    Win prizes! Once you have a full line, Tweet TV3 and you’ll go into the draw to win a prize (so said Paul Henry just now … see their website for details).