Kanoa Lloyd joins 3News weather team

3NEWS_Kanoa Lloyd

MediaWorks TV is delighted to confirm that Kanoa Lloyd will join Ingrid Hipkiss and Emma Brannam in the 3News weather presenting team.

Lloyd joins TV3 from the Mai FM breakfast show. Her previous roles include presenting FOUR Live.

Lloyd will work fulltime in news; but her main responsibility will be presenting weekend weather, replacing Josh Heslop who is heading overseas.

“I’m really looking forward to the challenge of working in news and being part of the 3News team,” says Lloyd. “It can be a little daunting learning a whole new set of skills but Ingrid is a dream teacher and she’s made the whole process so easy. I’m thrilled to be working alongside so many people that I really respect and admire.”

TV3 Director of News and Current Affairs, Mark Jennings, says “Kanoa has instinctive broadcasting skills. She has that special ability to reach out, through the camera, and engage the viewer. The weather forecast can often be complicated but the viewer wants the presentation of this information to be clear and simple. Kanoa can do this and at the same time inject her own warm personality into the broadcast. I think she is going to be very popular.”

Lloyd will present her first weather segment on September 27.

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  • Tania

    Dan Corbett has been presenting the weather on One News for the first time tonight; he did a great job! 🙂

  • bobscoffee

    Isnt she the off Sticky TV? Do any of the 3News weather team even know anything about weather?

    • Tania

      Actually, you’re right – no, none of them do (know anything about weather). Emma used to be a technical expert on “Sunrise”; Ingrid was a reporter and sometime-“Nightline” presenter; Josh was from “Sticky TV”; and Russell (I think his name was) used to front chicken recipe adverts before presenting the weekend weather. They must just get their facts and figures from MetService and hope like anything nobody asks what it all means.

      Karen from TVOne (and now Dan Corbett), is the only trained meteorologist over there though … Jim and Renee are just presenters (and Brendan Horan before them).

      • Harrison

        I’m 99.99% sure Josh was never on Sticky TV.

        • Tania

          D’oh (to me)! I was thinking of the TVOne guy … not sure where Josh came from?

      • Jeseta

        I spotted the new guy on One tonight, where did he come from? And is Jim really not a meteorologist? I thought he was!

        • Gabrielle Pearson

          I thought that Jim had some weather qualification, but was not an actual meteorologist.

        • Tania

          He used to be with the Met Service in Wellington (One News used to seek his opinion on weather things quite often in their stories). I didn’t think Jim was, but I stand corrected 🙂

  • 3News rules!

    Yeah good choice!!! I watched Sticky TV 3 years back when she, Walter, Gerry and Monika were in Sticky TV and it is also like a saying that Sam Wallace joined the one news weather team. Rather watch 3 rather than 1!

    • bobscoffee

      What is with children’s TV presenters becoming weather presenters? First Tamati, then Sam and now Kanoa?

      • Shannon Ryan

        I think their bubbly energetic personalities translate quite well to weather presenting. Also their people skills really helped those live crosses on Breakfast TV. Perhaps MediaWorks felt guilt for making Kanoa redundant after cancelling FOUR Live. Now they just need to do the same for Drew – I was thinking a NZ Top 40 Music Chart show which did not carry over to Smash.

      • Tania

        I thought Tamati was amazing when he became TV One’s weather presenter – he was so charming and friendly; and when he did traveling up and down the country was genuinely fantastic to absolutely everyone he met. Shame he went all bitter and weird.

  • Daniel

    Don’t enter politics. Well, that’s going by the last two weather presenters from One News – Tamati Coffey and Brendan Horan.
    Brendan got booted out of NZ First; and Tamatic Coffey failed miserably in last Saturday’s election.