Look who's back on The Block NZ tonight


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  • Tania

    These contestants infuriate me! The youngest three couples have absolutely no respect for the Foreman – especially Maree, who sees everything as a big joke; Ben and Quinn seem to be treating the whole thing like a joke – that garage must be costing them an absolute fortune due to their ill-planning (deciding on exposed, then polished, aggregate first; before changing their minds to install garage carpet); Corban and Alex seem to be playing their own game – we get that he thinks he’s clever, but he needs to listen to the Foreman’s advice rather than doing his own thing. Just when I think Jo and Damo are the only sensible ones, he talks about finishing the electrics himself – when he’s not even qualified. Hello? That’s illegal – and you’re a police officer??!!!! Sheesh!!!

    On the subject of the garages, it’s just stupid to have them so geared up to look like entertainment spaces – because when they’re used in that way, the cars are going to have to be moved. The clotheslines in the garages are stupid too – they would be far better on the houses’ exterior (who wants clothes that smell like petrol?). I also can’t believe that Mark didn’t know you can buy special carpet for garages – he looked flummoxed when he saw what Quinn and Ben have done.

    On the subject of the budgets and design, this is where Mitre 10 does it better. They not only have a banker sit with the couples and go over their spend for each zone, but they have a dedicated designer working with them to ensure that their ideas – and workmanship – is up to standard. Not so on The Block – this is a circus!

    To think that these homes are going to be pitched at the $1.1-$1.3m level … James and Maree’s paintwork is sloppy at best, and goodness knows what electrical horrors the person/s who buy/s Jo and Damo’s house is going to uncover! (Hopefully nothing he does will work, so it will have to be done by a professional).

    The current ‘Block’ playing in Australia at the moment (“Glass House”) also has its frustrations – put there to stir up the drama – but nothing this bad. No way.