MKRNZ jumps

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 2.43.51 PMAfter a disappointing start last week, the New Zealand franchise of My Kitchen Rules bounced back last night with an average audience above 400,000 for the first time. The fourth episode of TV One’s new cooking series had an average audience of 416,330 viewers. This was up 11% on last week.

The figures are still well below the averages of every season of Masterchef New Zealand.

MKRNZ had the lowest debut out of every season of Masterchef New Zealand. The Australian version of My Kitchen Rules ended less than a week before the New Zealand season launched.

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  • Tania

    Everything about the NZ version of this show is just cringeworthy. Sorry, but it is. The horrible “hippy” women have a real nerve coming down so hard on the others when they couldn’t even be bothered giving their guests utensils to eat their (melting) desserts with. Everyone is getting nasty, which they’ve obviously been told to do, but it’s not being done as clever as what the Aussies do … the Aussies have a way of making the mean look funny.

    As for the standard of the meals … good grief. It’s well below average. Even the Junior MasterChef contestants would put this lot to shame … actually they’d probably put most of us to shame because they’re so good. Okay, they’re even worse than what I was cooking in third form … my fourth form college exam entailed cooking a seven course meal for a panel of judges, and absolutely everything had to be perfect … none of this ‘sludge’ the contestants are serving up would cut it. Perhaps for the next season (if there is one), the producers should put the contestants through cooking school, as they do for the Australian contestants.

    Regarding the latest series of the Australian edition, I picked up a copy of Woman’s Day magazine last week, and the ‘insider’ stories on the winners, Jess and Bree, just keep coming. Apparently Bree WAS at the MKR NZ launch a few weeks back (along with the Greek twins, the two ladies from Tasmania, and the mother and daughter duo from NSW) – she was there with her husband – but there was no sign of Jess. The ‘insider’ said that they were fake friends to begin with – they only knew of each other before – and that they no longer speak, and never had any intention of going into business together. Which differs from what they told us in their introductions, as I recall they specifically said they wanted to launch a business that combined tourism and South Australian produce – taking people on tours of their state, while stopping off to enjoy local produce, etc.

    • K

      Have to agree Tania..the cooking is not very good at all. as I read somewhere maybe they’re not getting cooking lessons as they were supposedly doing in Aus. And the judges seem to be scoring way to high. they mustn’t have very big expectations!

      And MKR au sounds like one big sham doesn’t it. wonder how much of it is happening here too