Is there room for a serious current affairs program in prime time?

q_a_logo_2013_N3Yesterday morning, Q+A drew an average audience of 150,570 viewers. For 9am on a Sunday, those are reasonable numbers. As David Finch pointed out in the comments earlier, is it time we had a serious current affairs program in prime time, even it were only during an election?

In Australia, the ABC screen their own version of Q+A on Monday evenings so why, when so much taxpayer money is dumped into shows like Q+A and The Nation, do they get seconded to off peak viewing?

At least in prime time there would be some advertising revenue to help pay for it as well.

There is clearly an appetite for it, is there not?

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  • bc

    It gets pushed off-peak because a nation force-fed on a diet of reality tv rubbish now consider television a purely entertainment mechanism rather than see an opportunity for television to stimulate the mind (as well as entertain).
    Unfortunately there is a whole generation who now know no other type of television, Sad.

    • David Finch

      You have a point bc but I think the hunger for quality and depth lingers on with many of us and the ratings fshow that there is – currently at least – sufficient interest to make a show like Q&A viable in prime time. (Though no doubt the network would argue that the viewers tuning in on Sunday morning are the wrong sort i.e. outside their target demographic.)

  • Tania

    I’d prefer to see Q&A be slotted in the 7pm Sunday slot to be honest … ‘Sunday’ is a huge disappointment compared to what it used to offer. What exactly do all those “journalists” who work on the show do all day?

    • David Finch

      I agree with you about Sunday but I think a 9.30pm slot for Q&A would be better – less commercial pressure then.