Second team eliminated from My Kitchen Rules New Zealand

Megan and Kelly - MKRNZ

Hawkes Bay sisters, Kelly and Megan, are the second team to be eliminated from the My Kitchen Rules New Zealand competition.

Tonight’s episode saw Group Two travel to Hawkes Bay for Kelly and Megan’s Instant Restaurant – the last one in the round.

Josh and Aaron, who were sitting in last place going into this Instant Restaurant, had their fingers crossed for a culinary disaster from the sisters. Their wish was granted.

The night started off well, with Kelly and Megan pulling off an ambitious crayfish entrée which scored plaudits from the judges. However, the dinner guests appeared less convinced, with queasy Jessie exclaiming that the ‘little guy was looking at her’, and Aaron noted that his cray was not completely cooked through. But it was the main and dessert that really let Kelly and Megan down and sealed their fate.

Kelly and Megan said that they were ‘pretty devastated’ about being eliminated, as they had high standards and were disappointed that they had not met them.

The elimination was not the only blow to be delivered; the episode also saw the arrival of the Gatecrashers – three new teams given a shot at Kitchen HQ glory. The Gatecrashers are: Dai and Dal (Sugar and Spice), Theresa and Joelle (Sporty Mums) and Steve and Maura (Wellington Foodies).

Group One’s Tracey and Neil, and Group Two’s Josh and Aaron, were shocked to learn that as the next lowest scoring teams in their rounds, they would have to battle it out all over again in a third Instant Restaurant round in order to make it through to HQ.

The competition continues on Tuesday night with the first Instant Restaurant of round three. Find out whether Tracey and Neil and Josh and Aaron can fend off competition from these new interlopers!

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  • Tania

    The butchering of that poor live crayfish on TV was not on … let’s hope we don’t see anything remotely similar in going forward.

  • aaronimpact

    I would have liked to see them go further. The brunette is easy on the eyes. But I also didn’t want Aaron and Josh to be eliminated.