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Last night we finally found out what Lucy’s beef with Rachel is.

The Warners returned last night and Rachel was confronted by Lucy at The IV. According to her, Rachel had an affair with her father (Glenn Rickman) ten years ago at a conference in Nelson. She reckons that her father and Rachel were incredibly drunk at the time. Now she wants revenge on Rachel because apparently Rachel’s actions caused her parents to break up. You know, because it’s  the woman’s fault if the man she sleeps with already has a wife, as opposed to it being the fault of the cheating scumbag who is married and sleeps with someone else. There’s something seriously wrong with this Lucy girl’s head.

In other cheating scumbag news, Boyd left for his training in Suva and left behind an upset Brooke. Notorious cheater Chris then showed up, asking Brooke what her plans were going to be now that she no longer has a job. She has decided that she will work full time at the moment to set up Sarah’s trust.

In other Ferndale news, Jared might be shipping out to Afghanistan soon. He has fit in really well with Ula’s family and has a really natural nurturing instinct towards Michael. Michael really wants Jared to go on holiday with him and Vinnie but, of course, Jared really wants to stay in Ferndale and make the most of his time left with Ula.

Leanne tried to get the truth out of Nev about his ex wife, but he kept playing it down and telling Leanne that his ex is crazy. Realising that Nev wasn’t about to come clean any time soon Nicole encouraged Leanne to get hold of Nancy, the ex, and ask her for the truth. Leanne is reluctant, but Nicole told her that if she doesn’t do it herself then she’ll do it for her.


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