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Rachel might not get her job back, Murray and Wendy are back from Rome, and the staff fight for spots on the Fiji trip.

After Lucy’s confession Chris was rightfully angry, but Rachel must be the one who actually has a head injury because she decided that Lucy should continue to stay with them. Chris then found out that the CEO position is going to be advertised and that Rachel will have to apply for it along with everyone else. He encouraged her to lobby members of the board but she didn’t want to. Instead, she got distracted by Lucy and Harry and barely wrote any of her cover letter. Chris came home to see all the family bonding and decided to take matters into his own hands by making calls on Rachel’s behalf. I guess if Rachel is in the big chair again she’ll have less time to be angry with Chris when she soon finds out about the Kwan/Warner demon-spawn.

Wendy and Murray returned from Rome tonight, just in time to stop Marnie and Evan from getting it on on their couch. Evan was all ‘hey you can still come stay in bed’ but Marnie wasn’t impressed and instead returned home to her husband. At first Murray and Wendy were supportive of Evan seeing Marnie (ew), but when they found out that she is married they quickly changed their tune.

Boyd announced to the staff that he needs to take a team with him to Fiji. Of course, all and sundry are applying including Nicole, Vinnie, and Wendy. Nicole and Vinnie argued over who should be allowed to go but in the end decided they would both apply and let Boyd choose the best person for the job. Nicole pointed out that she was more likely to get the spot as she was more senior than Vinnie. This really irked Vinnie so when in surgery with Boyd he ‘accidentally’ let it slip that Nicole is pregnant. Now Boyd doesn’t want to consider her application as he doesn’t think her fit for the job. That was potentially the biggest dick-head move we’ve seen from Vinnie in a while. Well apart from the ‘let’s try to break up Nicole and Harper because my feelings are more important’ thing.



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