Tonight: 3rd Degree talks to former disgruntled Kim Dotcom staff

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  • Emma

    That was a really good insight into what I imagine a lot of people already suspected about KDC in that he flashes his cash about but doesn’t look after his own people first – because otherwise why would they all be leaving? And Wayne Tempero left because of money issues. KDC is a pig for not signing that form to say they worked for him. They were never asking for references, just confirmation that they worked for him.

    • Tania

      I think Sarah Hall did an excellent job of that article! The fact is, he is a bully – he only has a ‘following’ (of sorts) because he is wealthy and unfortunately money opens a lot of doors to things he’d otherwise have a snowball’s chance in hell of accessing. I’m so pleased that Sarah got them onto a lawyer STAT – fingers crossed he’ll be able to get them each a decent payout and his all-important signature on that employment form. Him blocking his ex-employees’ ability to work in their homeland is beyond cruel – one of those men is about to lose his house as a result of not being able to work! Whomever granted this fraud residency should be ashamed.

  • disqka

    Where can we watch this online? The 3rd degree link on TV3 on demand only has the 3D printing story.