TV Talk: 13 September 2014

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Regan is one of the co-founders of Throng Media.
If they're on, I'm usually watching Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, 24, Battlestar Galactica, The X Factor, Survivor, House of Cards, Mad Men and the NRL.
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  • Tania

    Fans of Gillian Anderson might be interested to learn that she has been promoted to a series regular on “Hanibal”.

  • Tania

    Fans of “Million Dollar Listing LA” might be interested to learn that Josh Altman and Heather Bilyeu have called off their wedding! They’re still engaged, and living together, but the wedding has been postponed indefinitely.

  • Tania

    What did everyone think of the garage reveals on The Block on Friday night?

    I’m not surprised Alex and Corban won – their garage was beautifully laid out and the cut-out bikes were genius. Jo and Damo did a fantastic job of theirs; I thought the judges’ comments about those pendant lights possibly banging around was exactly right though. Maree and James’ garage was really disappointing (the badly put-together shelves; the sloppy painting …). But I did like their pull-down ladder. Ben and Quinn’s looked smart but the fact that those cupboards take up a lot of space length-wise is going to put a lot of people off. As for Quinn changing her mind part-way through and having carpet laid over the polished concrete … well, the carpet looked nice, but look how much more they ended up spending compared to the other couples!

    I love that The Block are telling us how much each of the rooms cost this year. I’ll have to check their website and/or Your Home & Garden magazine to see if that cost is broken down further (I hope so). It’s also fantastic that the judges are telling the couples how they can improve next time.

    Now, as for Corban and Alex, the couple who I said think they know everything … it turns out they do!!! This is an article that talks about a house they built out of shipping containers (which we saw them briefly show us in their introductions in episode 1), which they recently sold for $1.24m: (If you Google “Alex and Corban Walls Muriwai” you’ll find a few links with more photos – the house was featured in Homestyle magazine, plus the real estate listing pictures are still up). I have a new appreciation for this couple’s talents, but suddenly feel very worried about the other couples’ potential on this show … the only real rivals they have at this stage seem to be Jo and Damo. Meanwhile, here is the listing for their Block house on Trade Me:

    It was interesting to see the date on someone’s phone the other night was 15 August … I half-expected filming to be three-four months ahead of what we’re seeing.

    • x

      Corban and Alex are good, I agree, but I find their personalities very grating. Firstly the hipster glasses, grow up people, you are 30 and balding. Secondly, the fake shock when they got good comments when they clearly knew their room was good. Just own it, all the false humility really put me off them. I hope they come last. This season will be like the first season, where it was obvious from day one that Libby and Ben would win.

      • Tania

        Well, yes .. the ‘oh my gosh, we can’t believe it; we were shocked’ comments were obviously completely staged and very bad acting. I thought they looked a bit worried during the photo challenge … they recognise that Jo and Damo aren’t too far behind them. I hope Jo just lets go with her design ideas and implements everything she thinks of, because that might just get them across the line … I sort of get the impression she’s holding back just a bit at the moment, playing it safe.

        I thought it was so funny that someone commented on here last week that Alex looks like ‘Where’s Wally?’ – she does! (With her stripey hats and big glasses). Interesting that Corban said on Friday she’s out of a job at the moment … I wonder if that means she had to leave her ‘Head Buyer’ job for Pagani? That would be a bummer. (But I don’t think there would be too many employers happy to let their employees take leave without pay for such a long time).