TVNZ's massive spring line-up - fresh from the US


TVNZ is about to fast-track 16 blockbuster international shows across TVNZ platforms.

Starting this month, exciting new releases and returning favourites will hit TVNZ screens faster than ever before – in some cases within hours of going to air in the US.

The most anticipated series of the year, Gotham, will debut on TV2 within days of its Stateside launch this month. This Batman prequel follows the epic story behind some of DC Comics’ most famous villains and vigilantes, and has garnered massive global hype.

Also fast-tracked for TV2 will be a new season of hit series, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in September; and season three of fan favourite Arrow, teamed with its new spin-off series, The Flash, in October.

October will also see critically acclaimed series, The Walking Dead return, within hours of its American screening.

TVNZ’s Head of Content, Jeff Latch says, “Kiwis have a huge appetite for international content, and these blockbuster shows have an unprecedented level of talkability. With our fast-tracked content, Kiwis will be a part of this global conversation.”

Viewers will be spoilt for choice with TVNZ Ondemand set to premiere a raft of exclusive content first and fast. Hot teen drama, Red Band Society will kick this off, available exclusively from this coming Wednesday (September 17).

TVNZ Ondemand will also premiere chilling new drama, Constantine, and hilarious new comedy, Manhattan Love Story this spring. A number of returning favourites will also be available straight after the US, including The 100, Revenge, Two And A Half Men, Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy (season 11 will be available Ondemand immediately after the season 10 finale on TV2).

TVNZ’s Head of Digital Media, Thor Bayer says, “New Zealand has seen a surge in online viewing, with an 80 per cent growth in TVNZ Ondemand over the past year. Kiwis are increasingly viewing shows on multiple screens and we’re committed to ensuring they have the very best content as quickly as possible. It’s all about first run premium content, delivered fast, and free to view.”


Gotham – September – TV2

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – September – TV2

The Flash – October – TV2

Arrow – October – TV2

The Walking Dead – October – TV2

Red Band Society – September – TVNZ Ondemand

The 100 – September – TVNZ Ondemand

Scandal – September – TVNZ Ondemand

Constantine – October – TVNZ Ondemand

Manhattan Love Story – October – TVNZ Ondemand

Revenge – October – TVNZ Ondemand

Grey’s Anatomy – October – TVNZ Ondemand

The Vampire Diaries – October – TVNZ Ondemand

The Originals – October – TVNZ Ondemand

Supernatural – October – TVNZ Ondemand

Two And A Half Men – November – TVNZ Ondemand

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  • Tania

    I wonder when TVNZ are going to make people sign up to use On Demand? That’s going to peeve a lot of people off. Already they’ve made changes to their On Demand service that prevent people who use Ad Blocker from seeing the content.

    Interesting move to fast-track ‘Revenge’ to On Demand … I thought that was a top rating show for them?

    And very disappointing to see no sign of ‘The Affair’ (starting 12 October in the US) … hopefully 3 will pick it up, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Drew

    Finally TVNZ listens and THANKYOU! I guess there is no need to launch any new freeview channels for surplus content these days.

  • Gabrielle Pearson

    It’ll be great to have series fast tracked, rather than read about them on the net for months beforehand. I notice that TV3 is screening series 2 of “Blacklist”, not long after it is screened in the US, as well.

    • Shannon Ryan

      And Sons of Anarchy too.. Surprised about Two and a Half Men moving to on-demand, I thought it rated better than shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Neighbours which are on prime time TV. Also they get get a bit of a mileage out of the fact that it’s the final season.

  • Shannon Ryan

    Where is Once Upon a Time? I wanna see Storybrook get Frozen… they should capitilise on this when its still fresh in people’s minds