If 7th Heaven is being pulled from schedules, will Hillsong TV as well?

hillsong-tvIn the US, the actor Stephen Collins, who played the pastor/dad on 7th Heaven has confessed to molesting young girls. With a police investigation under way, networks are beginning to pull repeats of the show from their schedules. Closer to home, Brian Houston, the founder of the Hillsong church in Australia, is dealing with the fall out of allegations of child molestation by his late father and former church leader, Frank Houston.

There are now allegations that Brian Houston told one of his dad’s victims, “You know it’s your fault all of this happened. You tempted my father”.

There was also financial compensation offered privately.

Mr Simeon Beckett said the commission would hear that four years before his death, Frank Houston arranged to meet AHA at a McDonald’s in Thornleigh where he offered him $10,000 saying: “I want your forgiveness for this.”

AHA was promised a cheque would arrive if he signed a napkin, which he did, Mr Beckett said. When the cheque did not appear after two months, AHA contacted Brian Houston and a cheque for $10,000 arrived a fortnight later.

What is more concerning though is that Hillsong’s Brian Houston decided to protect his father.

Mr Beckett told the hearing that Brian Houston suspended his father from the church and at a meeting of senior Assemblies of God members it was decided that the allegation would not be made public.

And even worse

At least 50 pastors of the Assemblies of God church in Frank Houston’s native New Zealand knew of the allegations that he was “touched the genitalia” of six boys in the 1970s, the child sex abuse royal commission has been told this morning.

If a TV series about a pastor gets pulled from networks after he admits to molesting children, surely a TV show by a church that tried to conceal similar despicable acts should disappear from screens as well.

We are waiting on a response from TV3 regarding this.

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  • Tania

    In other 7th Heaven news, Sarah Goldberg, who went by the stage name Sarah Danielle Madison, and was best known for playing Sarah Glass Camden (Barry Watson’s love interest) from 2002 to 2006, died of natural causes [rumoured to be heart-related] in late September, at the age of 40.

    The Stephen Collins fiasco is getting weirder by the minute – from a blogging source: “Last night, a woman trying to become famous said she heard a gunshot coming from the house of Stephen Collins which she Tweeted out and the police went there probably expecting to find a suicide. One problem. No gunshot and Collins was not even home. Also yesterday, Collins’ lawyer says that Collins’ wife has been trying to sell the tapes for years but that no one would buy them and she has threatened to release them before if she wasn’t paid millions of dollars. His wife denies that and says she played no part in the dissemination of the tapes.”