The Doctor and the Dalek


The BBC  are about to launch a free on-like game October 22nd (23rd for us), and Peter  Capaldi is set to voice it. 

The regenerated Twelfth Time Lord will be challenged with a “dangerous quest” involving his biggest enemies in fresh stand-alone story The Doctor and the Dalek, penned by the TV show’s writer Phil Ford.

The game will be available for free from Wednesday 22 October, as part of the BBC’s Make It Digital initiative aimed at inspiring young people into digital-oriented careers.

Players can immerse themselves in a new adventure encompassing the Sontar homeworld and its evil, previously unseen Clone Chambers.

They must tackle a range of puzzles and challenges by taking control of a distressed Dalek and “powering up” its ability to perform tasks such as flying.

“Oi! Short and not-very-old one! I need your help – I’ve got a Dalek and we’ve got a mission to save the universe,” the Doctor says in a promotional message to fans.


That’s the right price.

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