Home and Away's VJ returns a new man



Is this the worst case of SORAS (Soap opera rapid aging syndrome) in Home and Away history?

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  • Tania

    LOL – at least he sort of looks the same. I wonder how they’re going to write Leah’s absence? (She took time off to have her second child who, very sadly, was still born). I’ve noticed in recent episodes that her bump is quite noticeable.

    • Tania

      PS: He looks as if he could pass for the brother of the guy who was on X Factor (Johnny Ruffalo or something like that?). He probably is related somehow … one of the guys off Neighbours is the real-life brother-in-law of Heath Braxton … small world.

      • K

        Yup that’s him Tania! Apparently Dan Ewing has been mentoring him

        Funny I haven’t noticed Leah’s bump as much this time.Was so obvious last time round. very sad about her baby

        • Tania

          Did you know that “Nicole” (Tessa James) has cancer in real life? So sad – she’s only 24 🙁

          Dan Ewing is the real-life brother-in-law of the guy who played “Ethan” on Neighbours.

          • K

            Yeah it is very sad, I hope she makes a full recovery..I really liked Nicole on HAA,thought Tessa played her well

        • Tania

          Oh, I just read that it IS “Ethan” from Neighbours! (Ignore what I posted below, as I thought this guy was just someone who looked like “Ethan” from Neighbours, as well as looking a bit like Johnny Ruffalo [they all seem to have a similar look]). What a bummer for Neighbours – I thought “Ethan” would move into Ramsay Street once he’d got back from his OE and bring a bit of excitement, but that’s not going to happen now, is it?

          I wonder what happened to the original VJ? This article – http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/soaps/s15/home-and-away/news/a593619/matthew-little-confirmed-to-take-over-vj-role-in-home-and-away.html#~oRrZzq9oOOaifA – just said he’d finished filming.

          This guy looks too old to hang out with John Palmer’s foster son … weren’t they meant to be similar ages?

          • K

            Sounds like they just wanted someone a bit bigger than the old guy. Yeah everyone is asking that, how he’s going to look next to Jett….cos the new guy is 21 in real life I think!