How did MKRNZ rate compared to Masterchef New Zealand?

TVNZ dropped Masterchef New Zealand in favour of MKRNZ, the former of which has been picked up by TV3. The new format was something the programmers were banking on as a better option, so how did it perform?

Not nearly as well.


The average audience for Masterchef NZ was 462,473 at the start of the year while My Kitchen Rules New Zealand only managed 367,311 viewers. This a 21% drop.

The most interesting thing though is that MKR just didn’t build across the series as you’d expect, and as TVNZ were saying it would. The first semi final on Sunday was the second lowest episode the show had had. When the grand final aired, there was no significant boost and in fact, was only the fifth highest rating episode of the series.

The finale drew an average audience of only 400,870 viewers during the live broadcast compared to the 586,740 who tuned in for Masterchef. That’s an average audience that is 32% lower than what Masterchef New Zealand delivered.

With Masterchef moving to TV3, TVNZ will need to turn MKRNZ around while Mediaworks will need to do all that they can to ensure the audience comes across to their network.

The 2015 foodie ratings will definitely be the ones to watch.

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  • K

    Why didn’t TVNZ just give Masterchef a break before banking on MKR being a success ? Too late now I guess. Hopefully they can get it right for the next season

    • BoomShookerPowWow

      TVNZ would have been hugely shocked that TV3 picked it up (which they kept very quiet until their new season launch). I predict TVNZ will be headhunting TV3 talent in 2016 – after TVNZ has lost a huge percentage of its viewers to TV3 – and will try to mimic what TV3 have done (providing everything is a ratings success) by creating local versions of international shows.

      Masterchef is better than MKR in that it keeps everything more real – there are no silly nicknames for the couples or ‘fed lines’ for them to read. A few years down the track TV3 should look to do a Masterchef Families – that would be fun! (Criteria: two parents and school-aged children).

  • bobscoffee

    Two things I also think contributed to lower ratings. 1. Straight after MKR Australia. That was long enough to endure, 2. Why on TV ONE?

    • K

      yeah too soon that people couldn’t help but compare it to MKR Australia

      And exactly, putting it on tv one was so bizarre