NZ On Air is investing just over $9.5 million in content for a wide range of special interest audiences on television and digital media platforms.

In its latest funding decisions, NZ On Air has committed to 10 television and three digital media projects for special interest audiences.

A new six-part series supported for TV3 will focus on the practice of arranged marriages, which continues in some cultures today in New Zealand. Arranged will be made by Notable Pictures, who also produce the returning series Both Worlds.

Also returning are the highly regarded Attitude series telling the stories of people living with disabilities, Fresh and Tagata Pasifika with entertaining and informative Pacific stories and discussion, and Neighbourhood continues to explore New Zealand’s cultural diversity.

For the politically-minded Back Benches will be back on Prime, our rural heartland will be on screen again with Rural Delivery and the Young Farmer Contest 2015, and new hymn recordings will feature in a new series of Praise Be.

From the Digital Media Fund: Ignite NZ On Air has supported K Road Stories – 10 short films centred on the communities and cultures of Karangahape Road in Auckland.

A second year of funding has also been confirmed for two innovative online projects that have established strong audiences. NZ On Air will support another year of Fresh Voices content on The Wireless, the website run by Radio New Zealand bringing together multi-media stories for thinking young New Zealanders.

And is supported again, to expand the content available on the online hub for Pacific audiences. Expect to see more how-to-videos, more user interaction and social media backchat.

“Catering for special interest audiences is a core part of our remit under the Broadcasting Act. In the old days it was on television and radio. Today, while we continue to fund many popular special interest programmes for television and a wide range on access radio, we are also seeing great results with online content for niche audiences. We will continue to explore and innovate in this area,” says NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.

Funding details
Attitude 2015, 34 x 30mins, Attitude Pictures for TV One, $1,787,300
Tagata Pasifika 2015, 47 x 30mins & 3 x 1hr, TVNZ for TV One, $1,641,392
Neighbourhood 2015, 35 x 30mins, Satellite Media Group for TV One, $1,395,776
Fresh 2015, 25 x 30mins, TVNZ for TV2, $1,143,890
Rural Delivery 2015, 40 x 30mins, Showdown Productions for TV One, $1,100,000
Back Benches 2015, 20 x 60mins, TVNZ for Prime, $606,036
Arranged, 6 x 60, Notable Pictures for TV3, $499,354
Praise Be 2015, 40 x 30, TVNZ for TV One, $455,505
Both Worlds 4, 10 x 30mins, Notable Pictures for TV3, $389,499
Young Farmer Contest 2015, 1 x 1 hr, Dexterity Productions for TV One, $107,767

DMF General
The Wireless 2015, for Fresh Voices content, Radio New Zealand, $200,000 2015, Tikilounge Productions, $200,000

DMF: Ignite
K Road Stories, The Filth Collective, $45,000

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  • “Arranged” and “K Road Stories” get my vote for the most colossal wastes of money in this round of funding. Is “Arranged” going to be NZ’s version of “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”? We need more investigative series like “Nigel Latta” to receive funding as opposed to this sort of stuff