MediaWorks TV have released their new season lineup for 2015 online tonight, with some new shows coming that you’re bound to be looking forward to.

We’ll get started with the press release, then have a small profile on the key shows:

MasterChef NZ and the first local versions of The Bachelor and Grand Designs are heading to TV3 in the biggest investment in local programming in MediaWorks’ history, announced tonight at the company’s 2015 content launch.

They will sit alongside smash hits The Block NZ and The X Factor NZ, major drama series Gallipoli and Westside Story (the prequel to Outrageous Fortune), Paul Henry’s highly anticipated multi-platform breakfast show, a new TV3 daily serial drama, and the best of new and returning international programming.

MediaWorks Group CEO, Mark Weldon says: “The Bachelor, MasterChef, The X Factor, The Block and Grand Designs, plus outstanding local comedy, drama and news and current affairs represents a completely different level of investment in content, particularly local content. Projects like these and the innovative Paul Henry breakfast show are just some examples of the new way we are working across the Group to form deeper connections with our audience.”

MediaWorks tonight announced the addition of major international star power to The X Factor NZ judging line-up with Willy Moon and Natalia Kills joining Stan Walker and Melanie Blatt. Award-winning architect-urbanist Chris Moller was named as host of the highly anticipated Grand Designs New Zealand, and Block-a-holics can look forward to the return of familiar faces with the Fans vs Faves.

Group Entertainment Content Director, Andrew Szusterman says: “Tonight’s announcements are the first tangible realisation of MediaWorks’ new content strategy. Properties like The Bachelor, MasterChef, The X Factor, Jono and Ben and The Block will live across our platforms. The Bachelor NZ, for example, will start Monday morning with More FM leading the nationwide search for our bachelorettes.”

MediaWorks has also boosted its international television programming with a new NBCUniversal partnership that secures many of the most sought after content from this year’s LA screenings, including Katherine Heigl’s new series State of Affairs and the much anticipated reboot of the Heroes drama franchise, Heroes Reborn.

FOUR benefits from a renewed content deal with Twentieth Century Fox, and will screening its first local primetime series; series three of The GC, and brand new The Xtra Factor, which goes behind the scenes of The X Factor NZ.

MediaWorks TV CEO Paul Maher says: “We have never had more breadth and depth of content, from the local reality juggernauts that will give us a huge advantage at 7.30pm, to big local drama series like Westside Story and Gallipoli, and the best in international drama. This level of investment is a real game changer for the company, and will deliver fantastic value for our audience and our customers.”

Something for everyone then!

The Bachelor New Zealand (LOCAL)


NZ will have their first ever The Bachelor NZ on TV3 next year!

The Bachelor is a worldwide success, with 30 countries taking part in their own search for love… and now, at long last, The Bachelor has arrived on our shores.

Join us as we embark on the ultimate romantic adventure, following one man’s quest to find love, with the woman of his dreams. The Bachelor NZ journey will see Bachelorettes put their heart on the line in hoping to find their perfect man – The one!

Read more.


MasterChef New Zealand (LOCAL)


TVNZ’s loss is TV3’s gain as MasterChef New Zealand begins on TV3 for 2015. MasterChef will scour the country for exceptional Kiwi home cooks and put them through a series of pressure-cooker food challenges designed to test their palates, food knowledge and culinary skills.

This series will be a fresh take on the MasterChef format and showcase cooking in its purest form. The judges will demand quality over quantity and in the end, only one contestant will make the grade.



The X Factor New Zealand (LOCAL)


Hosted by Dominic Bowden, the top-rating reality competition series The X Factor NZ will see returning judges Melanie Blatt and Stan Walker joined by Natalia Kills and Willy Moon in the search for a contestant, or contestants, with the elusive ‘X Factor’ who will take away the 2015 title and win themselves fame, fortune and a recording contract.




Grand Designs New Zealand (LOCAL)

TV3 is bringing this acclaimed series to New Zealand and we’ll be telling the stories of creative and enterprising Kiwis who are determined to build their ultimate dream home. No design is too ambitious, no obstacle too large in their quest for the perfect house.

Grand Designs New Zealand will follow the process of these incredible design projects from the initial blueprints, through to the long and often arduous task of turning the plans into practical living spaces.

Host: Chris Moller


Westside Story (LOCAL)


From the makers of Outrageous Fortune comes Westside Story, a prequel to the top-rating local drama.

Set in the 1970s against a backdrop of historical events, the new series is a sweeping tale of crime and passion that will follow the escapades of legendary safe-cracker Ted West, his wife Rita and their son Wolfgang.

Starring: Antonia Prebble, David de Lautour, Dan Musgrove, Will Hall, Esther Stephens, Pana Hema-Taylor, Sophie Hambleton and Xavier Horan.



The Block NZ (LOCAL)


Building on the success of its past three series, The Block NZ will be one of the highlights of the 2015 schedule.

Hosted by Mark Richardson and Shannon Ryan, the new season will see some fiercely ambitious teams nail a whole new set of challenges in a bid transform their houses and take out the winner’s title and the grand prize on auction night.



Gallipolli (LOCAL)


Grant Bowler (Outrageous Fortune) stars in this heroic action drama series, hewn from the pages of Les Carlyon’s best-selling novel of the same name, which brings the story of the infamous WWI battlefield into sharp focus. At its heart, Gallipoli is a tale of courage, bravery and brothers in arms. It captures the idealism and common bond of the young men who sacrificed everything to defend their nation.

Gallipoli is a TV3, Endemol and Nine Network co-production.

Starring: Grant Bowler, Kodi Smit-McPhee and James Callis.


Heroes Reborn


In 2006 Heroes was first introduced to the world, and a global phenomenon was born. This universal tale of ordinary people who discover their superhuman abilities captivated audiences and gained a loyal fan base eager to keep the myth alive.

Revitalised, re-energised and reborn, 2015 sees the Heroes saga continue as new and returning characters collide in the epic and never-ending battle between the powers of good, and the forces of evil.

Starring: Jack Coleman.



The Block: Glasshouse


In a new twist The Block: Glasshouse sees five couples tackle an enormous abandoned 1980s office building in High St, Melbourne.

Just metres from Melbourne’s world-famous epicentre of “cool”, Chapel Street, the three-storey, 3540-square metre Glasshouse will come to life with five split-level atrium apartments, underground car parks and 70-square metre lock-up storage units and will be the biggest Block site ever attempted!

Host: Scott Cam
Contestants: Chris and Jenna, Darren and Dee, Max and Karstan, Michael and Carlene and Shannon and Simon.


The Xtra Factor (LOCAL)

Access all areas – it’s the show that X Factor NZ super fans have been waiting for – with exclusive interviews and all the inside info.

Screening immediately after each live The X Factor NZ show, The Xtra Factor will take an insider’s look at performances, eliminations, tears, tantrums and everything in between with opinion from the host and judges, plus extra behind-the-scenes footage.


the-gcWe’re keeping it Kiwi on the Gold Coast.

Back for its third season, The GC follows the lives of a group of talented and attractive young Māori as they work hard and play even harder in Australia’s favourite playground, the glittering Gold Coast. Talented, ambitious and embracing their culture, The GC cast are back with some new faces, who are chasing the good life on the Gold Coast. Some live together, some work together, some sleep together but they all play together – and they’re all determined to achieve.


I’ve also noticed that some key shows and franchises, have moved over to MediaWorks. TV3 will be screening The Bachelor NZ, MasterChef NZ and Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home. The big MasterChef switch may be something to watch carefully, as MediaWorks may pit it against Our First Home or something else that rates highly.

To checkout the full list of MediaWorks’ 2015 New Season shows, click here.

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  • Roger Dodger

    I hope that NZ viewers support these shows. TV3 are putting in effort to create some new NZ TV, and I hope NZ viewers switch from TVONE and actually watch it.

    • Diana Prince

      I think it’s incredibly exciting. Some, if not all, of the shows will likely draw criticism and comparisons to their overseas counterparts in their first seasons, but given time to find their feet and audience, they’ll be ratings successes. For instance, The Block NZ was quite dreadful in season 1, but I think it’s even better than the Aussie version in some respects now.

      I hope whoever is selected as The Bachelor is a half-decent guy who does the show for the right reasons (cough cough – NOT someone like Blake Garvey – cough cough), and the women apply for genuine reasons, rather than wanting to launch their TV career.

      I really believe that TVNZ are going to be left behind, eating dust, after seeing TV3’s great new line-up. What are they going to give us aside from a stale-sounding renovation show and MKR NZ (yawn, but as I’ve said above, maybe that will improve next season)?

      One criticism towards Mediaworks though – if they must air Aussie shows, then they need to show us episodes within weeks of them appearing on TV over there (as they did in the case of House Rules).

      • Jeseta

        I couldn’t disagree more about The Block NZ, I think it has been progressively going down hill since the first season. The houses are too ‘showy’ now. They don’t look like real family homes, just expensive showhomes jammed onto too-small land area.

        • Gdub_NZ

          I couldn’t agree with you more. This years houses are the best quality homes yet.

          • Jeseta

            I agree they are of excellent quality, I just don’t think that the style necessarily makes for the most enjoyable viewing experience.

          • Gdub_NZ

            Sorry, I just can’t agree with your views. Damo and Jo are awesome and so much fun and I think their house is going to sell for heaps.

          • Jeseta

            Jo and Damo are my favourites also, I think they snuck under the radar for awhile but Jo has the best eye for design on the show this year.

  • Gabrielle Pearson

    I’d watch Grand Designs, but that’s all.

  • K

    I don’t think TV One will be able to compete with 3’s line up. I love that they’ve got Masterchef, I think that will be a winner for them

  • BoomShookerPowWow

    I wonder who they’ll get to host the Xtra Factor … Jay Jay Feeney would be good.

    • Roger Dodger

      not really the face for tv

  • andrew

    Did they say anything about the nightly soap opera thing that they want to do?

    • K

      Just that it’s likely to screen at 5.30pm

  • albert

    this poor mishmash will do nothing but accelerate tv3’s dive into the abyss of awful tv.

    • Dan

      This was to be expected with Julie Christie being on board. These things are mostly just glorified informercials, but they seem to rate well so the focus is understandable for a network in a situation like TV3’s. Who knows, it may work out for them.

      • BoomShookerPowWow

        I agree, but it’s also as a result of putting Mark Weldon in the top chair – he didn’t get that job through good luck; he’s a mover and shaker and gets stuff happening.