Ratings: Seven Sharp suffers big ratings drop

If the assumption around daylight savings is correct in that ratings fall away as the days get longer and warmer, then this week’s average audience for Seven Sharp may very well be that indicator.

The average audience for TV One’s 7pm weeknight show drop to its lowest level since April, down 7% on the previous week to 430,518 viewers per night.

TV3’s Campbell Live fell 6% to 217,450 viewers per night.


Compared to 2013, the fall for TVNZ was still 25% higher on the same period as last year while it was an 18% decline for TV3.

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  • Tania

    It’ll be interesting to see how Seven Sharp rates again this week, compared to last week and next week, as Hosking is away for one more week, returning next week. My theory is that it’s Hosking who is the drawcard, not Toni Street as one gossip columnist likes to promote – and if the numbers are low again for this week, but bounce back next week, then that might prove my theory. TVNZ are so foolish – they could’ve saved a huge amount of hassle by just giving Hosking the Seven Sharp hosting role after he finished up deputising on Close Up – and slotted Pippa in alongside him (who didn’t have a job at that time, as her 4:30pm newsreads were cancelled), rather than going through a year of bad ratings and constant critcism due to the three they did cast as hosts.

    Talkback radio in the wee small hours often turns to Seven Sharp and a lot of people say the same thing as what I think – Toni’s constant giggling and silliness is a real turn-off, much is Hosking and her’s need to talk about themselves all the time. With Jack Tame co-hosting this past week, he managed to reign Toni in quite nicely … but he doesn’t have enough of a presence for people to want to tune in and watch him.

    • K

      I think you’re spot on Tania, people are saying on the Seven Sharp facebook page that they should get rid of Mike and keep Jack but I don’t think it would work..Hosking is definitely the drawcard & I don’t think it would be much better than last year with Jack Tame on all the time.
      Hope they do get Pippa when Toni goes on maternity leave and keep her…you’re right it would have saved them a lot of hassle if they had done that from the start

      • Gabrielle Pearson

        I think that I read somewhere that Pippa didn’t want the Seven Sharp job originally because she wanted to spend more time with her children. However Fair Go was ideal for her as it didn’t take up too much time. She may be ready to take on more work now, though.

        • Tania

          I wonder if the ‘Seven Sharp’ co-host role was offered to her this, or last, year? I imagine it was probably last year – at the same time Paul Henry was offered the hosting role … imagine how different things would have been with those presenting the show.

          That would tie in with her maybe reconsidering now, as her littlest child must be about three, and the other two would be at school now. Seven Sharp would be good for her, as she could be with her kids in the morning, when they were heading off to school; she’d probably need a Nanny for after school and evenings though as her husband presumably works long hours as a Lawyer.

          I liked Pippa’s energy when she filled in for Toni on ‘Seven Sharp’ – I don’t think ‘Fair Go’ is a good fit for her at all … although her segments from time to time (shopping at the supermarket with Jessie; and trialing beds), have been fun.

      • Tania

        Thanks … I’m just observing things from the comfort of my armchair though so I could be wrong – haha! 🙂

        Jack was being groomed to take Simon Dallow’s place (whenever that might be) – I say ‘was’ as that was a while back – before he went to New York to become the US Correspondent – and with the various management changes since then, the network’s intentions may have changed.

        It used to be that when TVNZ’s offshore correspondents returned from their posts, they’d be promoted to an investigative journalism, or presenter, role back here; but because they don’t make enough of these local shows anymore they don’t seem to have any place to go when they do return. Also, their overseas correspondent posts seem to be a lot shorter than TV3’s. So then comes the problem of having too much talent floating about – Tim Wilson, Melissa Stokes, Jack Tame … and goodness knows what they’re going to do with Jessica Mutch when she returns.