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Honour has a new job, Jemima is back, and Rachel is taking revenge.

Honour tried to get Murray to hire her but he turned her down, so she ended up getting a job as a waitress at Sugar. She pleaded with Ula not to tell Sam the truth, and even went as far as blackmailing her over the Garrett situation, but Ula wanted to tell Sam the truth. However, when Sam showed up later, Ula stood up for Honour when she told Sam the truth and agreed to let her stay at the flat. How old is Honour canonically, 16? I can’t imagine being as young as Ula is and being in sole charge of a teenager like that.

Jemima came back for Michael and continued to be an absentee parent while in the same house as her son. It took some straightening out from Vinnie for her to realise that spending time with Michael is more important than her career.

In the storyline that most viewers care about this week, Rachel slayed everyone tonight. When Gloria came in to the hospital wanting to put extra pressure on the surgical department, Rachel initially refused. After a yelling match with Boyd, whom she partly blames for the Trinity situation, Rachel decided to do as Gloria wants as a form of punishment for Boyd and Chris. Due to the fact that the hospital wouldn’t have the space, Rachel is going to put patients up at McKenna House. Boyd was dead against the idea, but Chris supported Rachel’s decision. He thought he might have her ins with her at this point, but she let him down viciously telling him she was doing what was right for the hospital because “the hospital is all I care about anymore”. Shame, Chris. Of course, Chris’s brilliant retaliation was to move Grace and Trinity in without telling Rachel. She called the house to discuss some work issues with Chris, only to have Grace answer the phone. When she realised what was going on she hung up the phone and went straight for a bottle of vodka. Luckily for her, Harry came home before she could drink it. When he went upstairs she tipped the bottle down the sink and broke down crying. Thank goodness, we’ve really had enough drunk and out of control Rachel over the years.



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