Shortland Street Recap (5619)

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Jack gets the bash, Harry gets what he deserves, and Dallas sets plans in motion.

Inspired by Kane’s willingness to seek help for depression, Jack went out and got some resources to help him accept his sexuality and share it with others. However, his so-called mates found the pamphlets in his bag and he was accidentally outed. Later, Kane found out the Jack was in ED after being beaten up. He refused to say who bashed him, but Kane is pretty sure it was his rugby mates who attacked him for being gay.

Grace overheard Harry bragging to his friends about playing Chris and Rachel off one another in order to score as much guilt money as possible. As a result, Chris and Rachel sat him down and gave him a lecture, with the result being that Harry has to move back in with Chris. Harry is now feeling rejected, but realises that like his father his betrayal has also hurt Rachel.

Up north with the Adams family it turns out that it wasn’t Dallas’s parents who are so hung up about Todd’s death, but Dallas himself. Bella encouraged him to talk to his parents about his feelings, but instead he avoided the subject and made other plans. Amongst those plans, he agreed to have the wedding at the family house (without consulting Bella) as long as his parents agreed to sell the house straight after the wedding. He reckons that selling the house will be the answer to his problems, but Bella isn’t so convinced.





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  • BoomShookerPowWow

    I think Dallas has a screw loose – the way he looks at Bella and goes off at times is concerning. The end of year finale will either be centred on him and Bella, or that artist weirdo and Dayna.

    • Tricia R

      He does seem a little…. off-kilter. I’ve never liked him, to be honest.