Sorry lads, she's taken

Shannon Ryan, the host of The Block NZ and Four Live has gotten engaged to her American sweetheart Justin Greenwood.

The Block NZ host Shannon Ryan has shared her engagement joy with the Woman’s Day, revealing she will wed her American sweetheart Justin Greenwood.

The adorable couple have been dating since 2012. “From the moment we met, everything felt special and unique,” Ryan told Woman’s Day.

The pair picked out engagement rings together at Jim Saylor Jewelers, owned by Greenwood’s uncle, in Kauai, Hawaii. “I was never one to wear a ring,” Greenwood admitted, “but having one and seeing Shannon with hers is pretty special. It’s just another link in our love.”

The happy couple will be having ceremonies on both sides of the Pacific to celebrate the nuptials.

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  • Frustrated Ex-Fan

    Okay, so firstly – this news came out on Monday; why are you so late?; secondly, why is this site turning into an extension of the New Zealand Womens Weekly? Report on TV stuff, do recaps and don’t focus so much on gossip and stuff you know nothing about (like what’s going to happen with staff at 3 when TPHS moves to the morning). You’re just embarrassing yourselves.

  • Chris

    Well I don’t get the magazines so had not heard this story. Thanks for sharing. The beauty of the Internet is you can just scroll past things you don’t want to read.

  • Jay

    I trained with Shannon. She’s come a long way.